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Stop building backlinks where everybody does. You hurt your rankings! 

With our unique SEO and Guest Post lists, you will be able to build QUALITY backlinks every month and skyrocket your rankings.

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Dennis P. and I am a full-time SEO freelancer.  I own a lot of SEO software: GSA Search Engine Ranker, ScrapeBox, SenukeX and a lot of others. If you own any of this tool you know that the key to dominating search engines like Google and Bing is getting great, high authority backlinks.

Skyrocket to the top of Google with our SEO resources

rocketEveryone agrees that SEO is important! Having quality backlinks pointing to your site gives you the advantage to rank high in search engines without the need for excessive paid advertising.

After recent Google updates, Internet Marketers out there haven’t much of a clue as to how to do SEO without fear of hurting their rankings or even getting their websites out of search engines.

The solution?

ScrapeBrokers membership – the mandatory SEO lists, tutorials and resources for anyone who wants to build backlinks more effectively and efficiently.

I know you spend a lot of time to scrape and test high-quality backlinks lists. You are sick and tired of people trying to sell you low quality, spammed to death and malware infected lists. Worry not as our servers harvests blog pages 24/7 and filters then collect them out for only confirmed auto-approve blogs for you!

Say goodbye to the tedious work required to find and collect these blog pages because you will never have to worry about them anymore! Just download the lists, and start getting quality backlinks to your website.

Just some of the features our members enjoy

Supercharge your GSA SER, SenukeXCR, Ultimate Demon, MagicSubmitter, and other SEO submission tools with our highly SEO lists packs that contains over 250 different backlink platforms (engines)

Get hours of video and hundreds of PDF pages of SEO tutorials. Learn how to utilize the max capacity SEO software like ScrapeBox, SenukeX, Ultimate Demon or the newest and effective SEO strategies.

There are over 8 hours of video training for most known SEO tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker, SenukeXCR, ScrapeBox. Recently we released a video course about building your own private blog network.

Fast support is one of our top priority. You can contact us 24/7/365 at support desk, email address, skype and yahoo accounts. Also, Twitter and Facebook comments are more than welcome.


Take a Sneak Peek At Available Resources

Take the time to discover what our members receive with their ScrapeBrokers membership. We wrote on each slide what we have to offer. So now imagine what it would be like to be able to create productive and professional SEO campaigns using the right tools and resources the big guys in the industry use. SEO work has never been THIS easy in the entire history of the web.

List of 1500 Authority Blogs That Will Accept Your Guest Post

We keep an updated list of blogs that accept guest posts. We also keep track of what the website owners charge for the guest post and help you track all of your guest posts in one place. The vast majority of the blogs on our list are free.

Choose A Category To View Niche Blogs That Accept Guest Posts: Automotive, Business,Dating,Denta, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Family, Fashion, Finance, Fitness,Food, General, Health, Home, Insurance, Legal, Lifestyle, Marketing, Music, Pets, Photography, Real Estate, Self Improvement, Shopping, Technology, Travel, Web Design, Wedding, Women

Using custom codded bots we harvest, test and filter 24h/24h new quality web 2.0 blogs, wiki sites, bookmarking sites and article directories. Our lists are compatible with SEO tools like SenukeXCR, GSA Search Egine Ranker, Ultimate Demon, Magic Submitter, Article Kevo, MoneyRobot etc.Use this lists to get great high authority backlinks. If you do not have any of this tools you can rent them from us or you can post backlinks manually.

  • Wiki Lists– Wiki sites like MediaWiki, WikkaWiki, TickyWiki are high authority pages that are indexed fast.
  • Social Bookmarking Lists – Getting links on Pligg, PHPDug, Scuttle, PHPBookmarking engines help you rank well.
  • Article Directories Lists – Submit your spun content to Article Beach, Article Dashboard, Article script and other.
  • Social Blog Lists – Jcow, PHPFox, Dolphin, PHPIzabi blogs are very good to post your content.
  • RSS List – Submit your feed to RSS engines for a faster indexing and non spammy backlinks.
  • Web 2.0 Sites – Use this list to create high authority blogs that you can update and grow them.
  • High PR AA DoFollow Lists – Over 500 dofollow high PR 1-Pr 7 blog pages that auto approve links.

We constantly update our VIDEO library with the latest video tutorials we create or the best ones we find one and are worth sharing. Watch over my shoulder how I successfully guide to through all steps of achieving success in SEO: create a private blog network, start backlinking campaigns in ScrapeBox, SenukeXcr, guest blogging tools and other methods.

  • ScrapeBox Video Tutorials – Learn the basic functions and several tips and tricks of Scrapebox.
  • SenukeXCR Video Tutorials – SenukeXCR is an extremely powerful weapon you should use.
  • Blog Network Video Tutorials – Learn how to create a powerful network of blogs with small costs.
  • + Many More Video Tutorials – We update the video library with latest video tutorials.

I’ve included in this package several guides I’ve personally written to get a better understanding of how to configure your SEO campaigns for maximum success: SenukeXCR Guides, Official Guide for SEO Sites, Over 10 guides


How you can get top rankings using our resources

Now that you discovered several of the features our members enjoy is time to see exactly how you can benefit being a member of our club. See exactly how you can use this resources as a Seo professional.

  • SEO Tutorials & Books – SEO is an evolving game. Most of the SEO strategies that returned great results in 2011 or 2012 are not working in 2013. We have over 10 quality SEO book and blueprints that are proven to work and you can easily follow. Also, there are several VIDEO modules to learn step by step SEO strategies including premium training from
  • SEO Tools – Start your first marketing campaign using our proven SEO tools like link blasters, checkers, scrappers etc.
  • Premium Private SEO Lists – Blasting your links on quality, non spammed sites is the key to get good rankings. Use our top notch SEO lists and auto approve lists of sites with your favorite tool like SenukeXcr, UltimateDemon, GSA SER etc.
  • Proxies and Resources – In order to minimize footprints and stay under the radar you should use our proxies. We update the lists daily.
  • Private Forum Access – Get in touch with other internet marketers and share strategies or ask questions. We are all happy to get in touch and make money as a team.
  • Presale and post sale support – All my customers can contact me anytime with their questions and I answer right away (This is not difficult for me as I stay around 10-12 hours online each day)

Sit back and watch as you take down your competition with ease and start earning big from your #1 Google spot.


Testimonials from our members


[fusion_testimonial name=”Jessee R” avatar=”male” image=”” image_border_radius=”” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]

What really keeps ScrapeBrokers above the market competitors is that it is giving personal tailor-made SEO services with their rich experience in the industry for more than three years.

I can guarantee your 100 % satisfaction with the product and you making huge money through ScrapeBrokers please get one before the gates are closed.


For a limited time grab a membership for just $39.95

Sign up to this offer now and save hundreds of dollars on comment backlinks , because YOU can do it yourself now! All six lists are available 24/7 to you as a subscription for only 39.95$ a Month. You may sign up and login with the links above.

There are NO  hidden fees. You can cancel the subscription any time.

A limited number of memberships available. Soon we will close the doors.

Make yourself a favor and try our membership for 30 days. If you follow our tutorials and use our resources and you do not see any improvements in your rankings contact us for a refund. So there’s absolutely no risk on your part.


Don’t be shy to ask questions, I love to help my colleagues out where I can and I have found I keep learning from you as well. So it is a win-win for me!

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