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Fortunately GSA Search Engine Ranker is a one time purchase and is not an expensive monthly membership like SenukeXCR at $167. However in order to maximize your results there are several addons, updates that you have to purchase. That’s wht I use and recommend:

GSA Search Engine Ranker Addons You Should Have

1) Private Proxies – Use them to post , scrape search engines and very backlinks. You need quality proxies for this actions if you are serious about link building. Cheap, scrapped proxies die pretty fast right when you are in the middle of an action – posting a backlink, verify etc.Starting at $10-$11 for 10 private proxies. I use ProxyHub and SquidProxies

2) Auto Captcha Solver – Nowadays most of the sites fight spam with captcha codes that need to be recognized and typed. Backlinks tools industry evolved and there are now two tools that automatically solve captchas on your computer very fast. Both are one time purchase and recognise more than 150 captcha types: GSA Captcha Breaker and Captcha Sniper X

3) Manual Captcha Solving – Some captcha codes are difficult to solve by bots so you have to use a human captcha recognition service. DeathbyCaptchacharge around $1.60 for 1000 solved captchas

4) Advanced OCR Captcha Solver – I dont know how I should actually name this service. It is a subscription you take and you send captcha to them to answer for a monthly fee. It is better than auto captcha solver as solves some of Recaptcha codes but have less success rate than manual captcha solver. The advantage is that is a monthly subscription and you are not paying by solved captcha. MegaOCR asks for $20 monthly. I use the following setup 1 solver: GSA CB , 2nd solver MegaOCR 3rd solver: Death by Captcha

5) SPAM Question/Answer Solver – There are sites that protect their registration pages with question/answer challenges like: What’s the color of the sky ? Who created Windows operation system etc. Instead of staying all day long in front of your computer answering stupid questions I suggest you to get anaskmebot.com subscription. It does all this work for you.


6) SEREngines – Web2.0 creator – GSA SER is integrated with SEREngines.com, a service that allows you to create web 2.0 blogs and profile links. There is no need to do any special setups. After you enter the key, engines apear in GSA engines list. The cost for this service is $14.59 per month and you can use the API key on 3 machines at a time. SerEngines.com

7) Backlink indexer – If the backlinks you are building are not indexed then are worthless. Use a backlinks indexer service to increase the chance of your backlinks to be seen by Google. I use GSA Link Indexer which is a one time purchase of $20 ? and a monthly service with great results – LinkCentaur from ArticleKevo guys.

8) Email accounts – You should use more email accounts per project in order to reduce footprints and minimize risks of being caught and have your money site labeled as spam. I use around 10 accounts per project. From BuyBulkAccount.com you can purchase 1000 accounts for only $12

9) Custom backlink lists – Instead of scrapping and trying to post on thousands and thousands of site you can go right ot the target using custom quality backlinks. You can use our backlinks pack – ScrapeBrokers Backlinks Packs or scrape your own.

10) Article generator and spinners – Is very important to post quality content so you will get your backlinks approved and ‘indexed’ by Google.  That’s why you need a good article generator if you don;t like writing dozens of article or hiring someone to do so. I suggest you to use ArticleBuilder.net, or BigContent Search and a spinner like TheBestSpinner


If you add all this sums you may notice GSA SER is not a cheap backlinks creator but this are really good news because nowadays cheap in SEO worlds do not provide good results. Also GSA SER is still cheaper than guest posting where is asked $75-$100 and more for a single backlink. You can get similar backlinks with GSA SER for a fraction of this cost.


Dennis Pestro is working full time on Scrapebrokers.com - Main provider of SEO Resources and Traning for SEO Companies and Individuals looking to win the SEO game.

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  1. Rita Vissers

    You forget the windows VPS and scrapebox

    1. ScrapeBrokers

      Well this are not really GSA SER addons but I agree with you that are some great assets anyone that’s using GSA SER should have to maximize their results.

  2. tdpubs

    Great list. I have 50% of the list and am working on adding more. I found Wicked Article Creator a great help in building content.

    1. ScrapeBrokers

      I’ve used Wicked Article Creator in the past but I’ve found Kontent Machine better, too bad it is a monthly purchase while Wicked Article Creator is a one time spend.

  3. Frank Morrell

    Great resource. I just bought 1,000 yahoo emails. I am always needing emails. I have a program that creates emails but it is slow and has not been working right lately.

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