Working on a research paper has many stages. Before you get down to the writing process, you need to choose your dissertation topic and formulate a research statement or question.

Choosing a topic requires preliminary research to find out the existing literature on the topic and decide what new aspects you can add to the topic.

After Literature Review, you must decide on your Research Methodology, gather your data, and set down to writing your research paper.

Many websites help you in simplifying the research writing process by offering you the right tools at each stage. Some of the best sites for research paper writing are:

  1. Google Scholar: The site works a lot like the normal Google search engine. It is more suitable for a research scholar as its search results mostly turn up journal articles, .pdfs, and credible and scholarly websites. You can access peer-reviewed academic journals, books, dissertations, theses, technical reports, court opinions, and patents through it.
  2. ERIC (Education Resources Information Center): ERIC is a digital library of research and information related to education sponsored by the US government’s Institute of Education Sciences. You can find a bibliographic record of literature here from 1966 onwards. The best part is that you often get access to the full-text database here. Apart from education, you can find much information about psychology and social work here.

You may contact the dissertation help experts to find better resources on the topic or the subject you are researching on.

  1. Internet Public Library: Now known as ipl2, it is a non-profit, student-run website where volunteer librarians and library and information science students answer questions asked by the visitors. It is a useful resource for finding links to credible .gov and .org sites.

It has 40,000 sources which are divided into five broad categories:

  • Resources by Subject,
  • Newspapers & Magazines,
  • Special Collections created by ipl2,
  • For Kids, and
  • For Teens.

The website is closed now, and so it is not updated, but since it was a highly regarded website, you can still search for information till 2011 here.

  1. RefSeek: RefSeek is an academic search engine. It differs from Google Scholar in the sense that it only indexes articles from scientific publications, and .edu and .org websites. Its search results include online encyclopaedias (such as Wikipedia and, journals, books, newspapers, and pages.
  2. It is a great website that makes research writing or dissertation writing very easy. Register or log on to the site, submit your research question and choose from the PhD experts related to your subject. You can check the academic and professional credentials of the tutor you are connected with and ask for dissertation samples they have written earlier before you pay for your order. They process your assignments in a matter of few days, or even hours, as required – and have a very open communication system.
  3. Grammarly: It is indeed the world’s best grammar checker and works as your grammar coach. It is about ten times more effective than other word processors in proofreading your dissertation or thesis. It can help you double-check your mistakes, and help you broaden your vocabulary range. You can use it for free or subscribe to its advanced tools.

Regular use of Grammarly can not only help you write better assignments and research papers but also improves your writing skills with time.

  1. WriteRoom: The spartan full-screen writing app does not allow you to insert tables and graphs or do page formatting of any kind – but allows you to focus on the primary task of ‘writing’ what you want to. It provides a distraction-free environment where you can simply add words to the page – allowing you to write more in less time.

When you feel you keep getting distracted by notifications or different features on MS Word, WriteRoom becomes your holy grail. Its minimalist interface with the green text on blank screen reminds you of the screen people used in the early 1980s. It allows you to forget about margins, fonts, and other features for a while – and concentrate on just writing your dissertation.

  1. Scrivener: This app is used by writers of all kinds – from best-selling novelists and screenwriters to students and academics. It has all the features you need to write, research and arrange long documents easily. The ring-binder can be used to gather material as well as switch between different parts of your manuscript, references, and notes quickly. You can use the integrated outlining tools it provides to break your text into sections or chapters or restructure it later if you feel like it.

You can write your dissertation thesis in one document or split it into chapters or arguments or paragraphs, and then, stitch it all together at a later stage. You can use the Corkboard to shuffle the sections of your manuscript presented in the form of index cards on a board. It works much like a word processor and can import all sort of files including Word documents, PDFs, web pages, plain text files, images, and even audio and video files.

  1. Purdue Online Writing Lab (Purdue OWL): The wise OWL can help you at all stages of the research writing process. It offers you pre-writing resources; assist you in developing your research questions and outlines and composing thesis statements and organizing and revising your writing project.

There is a separate Academic Writing section for college students that can help you write essays and dissertations easily. The Research and Citation Resources section offers you important tips on:

  • How to use primary research sources (such as interviews and observations) and secondary sources (such as journals and websites)?
  • How to evaluate your sources?
  • How to quote and paraphrase your research sources?
  • How to avoid plagiarism?
  • How to use APA, MLA, AMA or Chicago writing and citation styles?
  1. Wordcounter: Did you know that there is a website that is dedicated to counting the number of times a word appears in your assignment? The Wordcounter checks your document for words that have been over-used and points them out to you. You can use synonyms to improve the quality of your writing and keep it interesting.

You can use these websites to make your dissertation writing process easier. Share the article with your friends and peers, and don’t forget to post comments here.

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