Let’s review today the factors that may influence success of a GSA SER posting campaign:

1) Email accounts – In practice an email account hosted on your website gets more than 25% emails than an hotmail one and more than 15% or more than a gmail account. There are multiple causes for that especially that public email providers have spam rules and lists in place that reject email that may look like spam or come from questionable sites. So you may loose as much as 25% from your success rate just for not using your own email address

2) Proxy provider – If you are using public proxies or even shared ones I’m sure you experienced a lot of failed connections or hang registration just because this proxies die or get saturated pretty fast. The solution is to post on failed sites several times. I got around 10% more success just by posting to failed sites once again after I finished the campaign. Check the picture below I’ve taken testing my shared proxies. As you can see several proxies are marked as bad but if I test them again are marked as ok. That’s because sometimes the connections are heavily used so proxy server refuse new connection. If this happen when you post then the website will be marked as failed well in fact GSA SER did not even reached the website.


Also make sure your proxy IPs are not blocked in spam databases like StopForumSpam. Many sites are checking visitor’s IPs and if IP is found the connection is closed.

3) Captcha decoders – Captcha images may be quite tricky and if you are using only computer solvers ( GSA Captcha Breaker, Mega OCR etc) you will leave a lot of websites on the table. That’s because this digital solvers can not recognise all the captchas and most of the time high Pr sites, not spammed use complicated captchas. To solve those captchas you need a human captcha solver like DeathbyCaptcha or other. This adds costs to your campaign but having a human captcha solver may increase your success rate with 20% or more.

If you are not using proxies or have few proxies you will make a lot of requests to Recaptcha from the same IPs so you will get hard to guess captchas which are very dificult to resolve so make sure you have enough proxies.

4) Text Captchas – This type of captchas have become popular especially on forums platforms to combat spam. I’m sure you met them – What color is the sky ? Whats this website name etc. GSA SER have an inbuilt system to answer the basic questions but for more advanced one I recommend you to get an askmerobot.com subscription.

Speaking about paid addons check this 10 addons list for gsa ser that is worth purchasing.

5) Internet connection – In practice I’ve met a lot of computers with GSA SER installed. Some users installed it on their home connection or on cheap VPSes with poor connection. Make sure you have a decent connection to run GSA SER. I suggest everyone to run their seo tools on a vps machine. Check the reasons on this article.

6) SEO List Quality – And here is where we come into play. Before releasing the list we test the sites making sure are working as expected. We manage over 100 website platforms and over 150K different links on each list release. Imagine how many servers we scrape. Sometimes the severs are not accesible when you try to post, there is a connection isse , webmasters decide to change site platforms, close the website or simply install fighing spam measures that GSA SER can not combat at the moment of posting.

So please do not expect a 100% success posting rate. This is not going to happen. But what can we guarantee is that by taking into consideration the factors I’ve just listed and use ScrapeBrokers Gsa Search Engine Ranker List you will get a lot of high quality backlinks for your website.


Dennis Pestro is working full time on Scrapebrokers.com - Main provider of SEO Resources and Traning for SEO Companies and Individuals looking to win the SEO game.