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After recent announcements of Matt Cutts, Head of WebSpam division of Google many webmasters and bloggers are quite unsure of what methods of earning backlinks are still safe now and will not produce latter any harm to their websites.

Even if it may look different, things have not been changed much in the last years and as long as backlinks is going to be the main factor in ranking websites there will be room for abuse.

I will share with you several methods I’m using to earn quality backlinks for my sites.

1 Guest Posting


Before you ask: No I’m not drunk and I’m not leaving under a rock, I’ve read Matt Cutt’s blog post regarding guest posting. As long as you guest post for reaching new real audiences and not for the solely purpose of getting backlinks, guest posting is still a great way to earn backlinks.

Building a strong online presence in your industry is definitely important. Appearing on higher-ranking blogs or websites in your industry through content contribution can help you develop your existence in your industry.

Since content is king in digital marketing, contributing comprehensive content for your audience within your industry is a better way to build high quality links that can help your domain authority.

2 Social Media

If you don’t have yet an account for your site on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin, I suggest you to create one and start sharing your content. Social networks are very popular nowadays so you should use this leverage for your own benefit. You will be surprised to see how fast quality content is shared and become viral on this social networks. Also get in touch with people in your niche, and make connections .

I share all my blog posts on my Facebook page, G+ page, Twitter profile and on several targeted groups in Facebook and G+.  This bring me easily 300-500 visitors every time I’m doing it.  Sometimes the posts are shared by others. Check our article to find out several advantages of using Twitter and Facebook for business

3 Blog Commenting

Commenting on related, high traffic, authority blogs is still a great strategy to earn quality backlinks and get targeted traffic. Make sure your comment is on topic,it brings something new, like a conclusion or a question or simply some nice words for the author for his work. Post your website in a non intrusive way in your comment if you feel is adding value to your comment.

I’m using Google Alert to set up several alerts for keywords related to my niche so I’m getting an email every time someone is posting something about these keywords. I read the email, visit the blog and If I have something useful to add I make a comment.

4 Column in a newspaper


You don’t have to be an accredited journalist to write in your local or online newspaper. Even highly authoritative newspapers and magazines like Forbes, Fortune, Houfington Post accept articles and write-ups from individuals. Make sure you follow their writing guidelines and you write something interesting for their audience.

If you are in SEO niche as I am you may contribute on online magazines like SearchEngineJournal.com, SearchEngineLand.com or SERoundtable.com

5 Make lists 


That’s a great strategy to get highly related backlinks from websites in your niche.  Research using Google or other search engine  websites and companies active in your niche:

  • bloggers that wrote about your niche
  • companies that sell complementary products or services
  • magazines and catalogs targeting your niche

When you have a list of 10 ten or more sites for one category create a blog post saying few sentences about each site and why your visitors should check them. All you have to do then is to inform the owner of this sites they have been featured on your site. Some of them will happily link to your site informing their audience about the mention.

6 Start an affiliate program (BONUS)


That’s one of my favorite method to increase my website’s revenue and also earn backlinks. Running an affiliate program is not very easy but on the long run is profitable. Make sure you create enough creatives like banners, autorespoders, blog posts so your affiliates may have enough materials to promote your site. You will be surprised to see that along with an increase in sales you will see fresh backlinks from affiliate’s sites.

Well, there you have it: 6 safe methods to earn backlinks in 2014. There are many other methods you may use to earn backlinks. You have to think out of the box and diversify your strategies.

What methods are you using to earn backlinks ?! I’d love to hear your opinion so cast your comment.

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