You already know using Twitter and Facebook is beneficial for your business, but why is that, exactly? Social media marketing for businesses is all the buzz these days, but do you genuinely know the benefits of using channels like Twitter and Facebook for your business?

Let’s go through a basic list of benefits these two social media sites offer that impact not only your online presence, but also your online success.

It’s Cheap

The most basic functionalities of both these sites don’t cost you a single cent. You can rely on the power of shares, tags, likes, retweets, and mentions to get you on the map, so to speak. What’s truly special about Facebook and Twitter is that they use the power of their users to generate and maintain interest—and it’s all for free.

Facebook, specifically, offers the option of creating ads, helping you choose from a different variety of advertisementsto find the ones just right for your business. App Installs, App Engagement, Clicks to Website, and Event Responses are only a few of the options.

It’s Global

You no longer have to rely solely on your local markets—with global social media comes a global audience. While your product or service might not be relevant in many places around the world, you can at least now target areas beyond your own locale.

It’s Personal

Just like you can connect with your friends and family through your personal Facebook or Twitter account, you can connect better with your users through your business pages and accounts. That’s what makes online businesses thrive: they ask what the customers want, and they can give it to them. Getting customers’ opinion can be available via comments or direct or private messaging—forget standing outside the door with flyers, sweating from the heat.

Another perk? You can actually make friends in high places. Given the right advertising strategy, it’s possible to actually collaborate with other founders, businessmen, and celebrities.

It’s (Still)in Demand

Facebook and Twitter show no signs of slowing down. Facebook has a total of 1.19 billion active users monthly. Twitter has 232 million.

When it’s possible to tap into an active community like that, you don’t even try to be different and use an unpopular media site (or make your own). Just use what exists to your advantage—“if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!”

As powerful as these two sites are, your goal is to penetrate that market. It’ll take a while before Facebook and Twitter will step down from the throne, so might as well see this as an opportunity.

It’s Interesting

People aren’t tired of how Facebook and Twitter works. As long as you come up with something that catches your audience’s eye—it’ll always work to your advantage. Hitch a ride on trending topics and popular subjects.

Other than that, there’s no dull day when you’re constantly using Twitter or Facebook, and it’s not because you’ve access to games or celebrity tweets. These sites are filled with so much information (news, features, tips, potential customers) that you’ll always get something valuable to link to or share, creating constant value from content curation.

It Literally Works for You

Let’s say that when using Facebook and Twitter, you’re going to be busy doing comments and link-building and all that. In exchange, however, the sites do the math for you—monitoring your users, website traffic, and getting feedback is hassle-free.

These sites help increase your brand awareness. Promotional material is just a click away. It’s also great for SEO because Facebook and Twitter content is used for social signals by search engines due to their popularity, efficiency, and high demand.

It Builds Reputation

Your business’ core values and culture reflects on its online presence. Do you value your customers? Do you focus on your products and services? Do you bash your competition?

It Keeps Moving Forward

You can be sure these social media platforms—especially Facebook—will constantly find ways to make their services better suited to your needs. They will always aim to do better, and remain dominant in the social media community, which in turn means your social marketing platforms are always relevant and updated.

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