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This guide will be your reference when you feel like you’re not getting your website to its full potential. You’ll just look at one tip, and boom!, take it into action. Take another tip and act upon it.

These tips really are the best practices when it comes to SEO in 2019. Follow it and let the results speak for themselves.

Okay, let’s start.

Start with keyword research

Most people quit SEO because they start by going the wrong path. They choose a keyword research method taught by a guru and assume that it’ll work. Keyword research is a little
bit tricky and if you don’t have enough experience it’s going to be a trial and error thing.

You have to understand that not all of your keywords will be ranking in Google. That’s just how it is.

With that being said, I would like you to try the best keyword research method I know.

I’ve been doing it for years and it seems to be working over and over again. I call my keyword research method, the BUYER KEYWORD Research METHOD.

Now, I will assume that you are an affiliate marketer. But if you aren’t one, maybe you’re a local business owner, consultant etc. Then I want you to follow this advice especially if you are
new to SEO.

I want you to focus on broad long keywords. It’s the easiest to rank and many SEO doesn’t really mess with these keywords.

Buyer keywords are those keywords with BUYER INTENT to them.

Example of NON buyer keywords:

  • What is acne
  • What causes acne

Example of buyer keywords:

  • Acne cream 7000 review
  • Buy acne cream 7000 amazon

Do you see the difference?

If you want to make more money, then focus on BUYER KEYWORDS.

Theory – > Action

Go to Google keyword planner and sign in. It’s free as long as you have a gmail account. I’ll then type “how to” , “how to cure” or “where to buy” on the search bar and look at the results.

You will see lots of buyer keyword ready for you to use.You will find hundreds or thousands of keywords by using this method. Most of these keywords have low competition and are super easy to rank for.

Now, to take this even further and find easier keywords, I want you to go to offervault.com or markethealth.com to find some product or offer related to these keywords.

Say you want to target “how to get brighter skin”, then find some offer related to that problem.

Once you found some offer related to your keywords, go back to the keyword planner again and type whatever the name of the product is.

Now, to take this even further and find easier keywords, I want you to go to offervault.com or markethealth.com to find some product or offer related to these keywords.

Say you want to target “ how to get brighter skin”, then find some offer related to that problem.

Once you found some offer related to your keywords, go back to the keyword planner again and type whatever the name of the product is.

Just repeat the process and start making money on other niches.

Google Keyword Planner is not the only tool to do keyword research. Check this article for another 10 keyword research tools that do the job as well.

OnPage SEO is Important

Most people underestimate the power of On page SEO. What they don’t realize is that ON PAGE SEO alone can rank you on non-competitive keywords. Sometimes, you don’t even have to do any backlinking.

Here’s the best practices to follow when it comes to on page seo.

Meta tags

Use h1 , h2 tags for your main keywords. If you are trying to rank for “Best Dandruff solution”. Put an h1 or h2 into it. It basically lets Google know that your site is about that term.
< h1 >Best dandruff solution< /h1 >

Then add an h2 tag to another broad term keyword: < h2 >Best dandruff solution for men< /h2 >
Do not put more than 2 meta tags in 1 post.

Keyword Density

Don’t overstuff your post with your main keywords. Your keyword should only consist 1% of the overall word count. Use LSI rather, these are keyword related to your main keyword but not exactly the same.


  • Main keyword: Best dandruff solution
  • LSI: Dandruff problems, men shampoo, conditioner for dandruff, hairbrush
  • URL: Don’t over optimized with your url.

Here’s an example of a very obvious attempt to over optimize:


  • Main url: Howtocureacne.com
  • Main keyword: how to cure acne
  • Page/post title: How to cure acne forever
  • Page url: Howtocureacne.com/how-to-cure-acne

Do this and your website is toast! If you already have your keyword in your URL, then don’t put it again on the extension. Here is a good example of a nicely optimized page:

  • Main url: dermatology.com
  • Main keyword: how to cure acne
  • Page/post title: How to cure acne forever
  • Page url: dermatology.com/how-to-cure-acne

Don’t repeat your keyword twice in the url, especially if you already have it in your title.

Check this article that goes into detail on ONPAGE SEO Optimization.

PBN are the best for backlinks

In my opinion, Private Blog Networks (PBN) is still the best kind of backlink out there. It’s powerful, it’s cheap (depending on your method of finding it) and the best part is, you can control your links. If it goes a bit hairy, then you can cut off your link in a stroke of a mouse.

I’m going to teach you what to look for on a PBN.

You’re going to need a few tools. I use majesticseo.com It basically let you know the inner details of the site: backlinks, anchor text, trust flow etc.

Before I give you the criteria I’m looking for a PBN, let me just say that all of these criteria are proven to be great for a PBN. It means that if that site hit that criteria, then most often than not, it is a great PBN. (Just have to say that because it would take me days to explain the theories behind all of these criteria)


Note: Not all of the PBN you will buy will have these criteria. It also doesn’t mean that just because you have met the criteria, it’ll be a good PBN.

  1.  TRUST FLOW – 10+
  2. CITATION FLOW – 10+
  3. External Backlinks is more than 100 and Referring backlinks is more than 50
  4. External backlinks and referring backlinks should have a ratio of 3:1 or 4:1 (for all of these refer to the image below)
  5. Anchor Text shouldn’t be spammy
  6. Majestic SEO graphic is spread out
  7. There should be HIGH QUALITY BACKLINKS pointing to it

One of the best examples I can give you is the one below.

For criteria #1 to #4 – please look at the image to understand
For criteria #5, click on the anchor text button on majestic and look at the anchor text structure.

The key in understanding anchor text is to ask yourself, does it make sense?

Look at the anchor text, if the site is about green juices, why would it have anchor text like gold watches, Gucci, SEO, make money online? If it doesn’t make sense, then ditch it. It’s probably a spam.

For #6, look at the image below, the more pink dots and the more spread out it is, the better. It’s basically a combination of a lot of factors that even I can’t explain properly. Just trust me on this. But the rule is, the more spread out the pink dots are, the better.

For criteria # 7, there should be HIGH QUALITY BACKLINKS pointing to it. Go to the backlinks tab and open the domains referring to your potential PBN.

In addition, check if these are legit sites. If they are just sites about random things and just basically a link farm, then don’t go for it.


Youtube Videos Are Easier To Rank

If you are having a hard time ranking a website, then why don’t you start with a youtube video. It’s much easier and it’ll give you more tools and experience.

The secret to ranking your youtube video is not on the backlinks. Don’t get me wrong, your backlinks is half of what it needs to rank. But everybody can get easy backlinks for $10. The real secret is in the optimization part. When you upload your videos, follow the following:

Title: Your title should have the exact keyword phrase you are targeting.
File name: Make sure that you file name has your main keyword in it. If your main keyword is “gorilla juggling”, then name your file gorillajuggling.mp4
Title Stacking: Putting your keyword twice in the title will help your google rankings. Make sure though that your title makes sense and you’re not just spamming the crap out of Youtube. Ex. Dermology Skin Whitening Review – The Best Skin Whitening Cream of 2016
Your channel name: Your channel name should be related to your keyword as much as possible. Ex. Main keyword is “Dermology Skin Whitening Review” Your channel name could be – DermologySkinWhiteningReview, SkinWhiteningProductReviews. Just pick something that has some of your keywords in it.
Description: One of the most important parts of your video is your description. It has three purposes.

First, it let the viewers know what it is they are watching.

Second, you can use it to link out to your website or to any website where you want your viewers to go.

Third, it helps Google in determining what the content is about. It also helps in rankings since it is part of Youtube-Google algorithm. You must put http:// on your url to make it clickable.

Today, I recommend that you put a 250 words description on your video. Tell them what they can expect in the video and put your website link on it.

Check this video from Brian Dean – Backlinko on how to rank #1 in youtube for your desired keywords.


It is good practice to put at least one or two annotations related to your topic. Don’t spam your video with annotations, your viewers might get irritated and leave your page.

Backlinking That Works

Most SEO’s get burned when they try to aggressively build backlinks. My method is a little bit on the safe side but not too cautious

The Method:

Post unique content on your website 500- 1000 words. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the website you are linking to and your PBN have a different hosting.
Also, try to use your PBN only 3 times when linking to your money sites. Another important note: 90% of your backlinks shouldn’t be your main keyword.


Use this formula when linking to your money sites. I use the example below for you to understand this much better.
Ex. Main keyword: Ponds acne cream review (assuming your website is called: www.pimplebuster.com)

  • PBN A – 1st link – http://www.pimplebuster.com
  • PBN A – 2nd link – Pimple buster
  • PBN A – 3rd link – Ponds acne cream review
  • PBN B – 4th link – click here to visit
  • PBN B – 5th link – pimple ponds acne cream
  • PBN B – 6th link – acne cream review
  • PBN C – 7th link – acne
  • PBN C – link – pimple cream
  • PBN D – 9th link – www.pimplebuster.com
  • PBN C – 10th link – cream
  • PBN D – 11th link – ponds acne cream review

And so on. The most important part is to use your brand and use extended keywords related to your keyword. Spread this entire link building process in 20-30 days. That would be at around 1 backlink every 2-3 days.

In addition, do not send all your links on your homepage. Try to spread it out to different pages.

Here are two articles that will help you with the backlink acquiring process:

Mobile Optimized Website

Did you know that more than 50% of internet users today use mobile when they browse on Google? If your website is not mobile optimized, then I hate to break it to you, but your site will not rank well in Google.

Google announce it themselves, last April 21, 2015, the mobile update came and all sites that are not mobile optimized will get a massive penalty and lower rankings. This means, Google is serious, they want mobile-optimized websites.

How to know if your website is mobile friendly? Go to Google Mobile Friendly Tool and type your website.

Set up your WordPress Settings Properly

Setting up your WordPress settings properly can immensely help your website to rank faster and higher in Google.

Here are the most important aspects of setting your WordPress:

TITLE: Eye catch title that will increase CTR (Click through rate)

PERMALINK: In your permalink, choose POSTNAME, so it’ll automatically use your post title as url extension

PLUGINS: Install these plugins for more SEO power

  • W3 Total Cache / WP Rocket / WP Fastest Cache – make your website faster. Here on ScrapeBrokers, we use WP Rocket premium version.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast– On Page optimization purposes

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a great piece of software and can boost your rankings fast and steadily if it’s configured right. Check here a 50 minutes video that goes through all WordPress SEO by Yoast settings and good practices.

Check this guide on how to speed up your WordPress website.

When to use backlinking software

Backlink building software like Scrapebox, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Senuke XR used to be really famous back in the days. Today, not so much, but that doesn’t mean you should stop using them.

Today, the best use for a backlinking software is through building MASS BRAND links.

If you have a website called: www.JohnyBlaze.com and it’s about texas bbq sauce, then brand links could be: JOHNNY BLAZE, http://JohnyBlaze.com, www.johnyblaze.com, blaze, johny, bbq sauce, texas, sauce, click here, visit my website, visit our site, Texan, Hot sauce

Even if you build mass backlinks via those anchor text, it won’t look like you are spamming . It’ll look natural because your website is called http://JohnyBlaze.com and that is your brand.

Google will not penalize people just because others are linking to their brands. After building brand mass links, you can start aggressively linking using your main anchor text (main keyword).

Even if you build 10 backlinks in 3 days using your main keyword, it won’t matter because you build mass (thousands) backlinks already via the other keywords (brand keywords).

Write Unique Content

In the good ol’e days of SEO, you can get away with crappy articles. But times have changed and Google now requires original and unique content. The good news is you don’t have to write your own content. There’s a lot of article writing service out there for as low as $3 per article. Higher quality articles goes for as much as $50.

You can outsource your article in the following websites: http://iwriter.com/

I find them quite easy to work with, and their articles are really great. Depending on the writer, length and quality, you can get an article for as low as $1.50

Another service is Fiverr.com

I usually just search for “article writing” and then choose someone with high ratings and good reviews.

Delivery time can be from 7 days to as little as 1 day. Another awesome new service I’m looking at right now is Konker.io.

If you prefer to write the content on your own or you simply want to check the quality of the article you buy check these 5 best tools for writing seo friendly articles.

Have a secure website

The HTTPS adoption rate is very high in the high-volume keyword group. That is, the more popular the keywords are, the more possible it is that the top positions will be occupied by HTTPS domains.

So if you want to compete for high-volume keywords, having an HTTPS version of your site is extremely important. In the low-volume keyword segment, the HTTPS adoption rate is not so high, so having a secure version will significantly distinguish you among the competition.

Check the Top 10 SEO Ranking factors study done by SemRush and the importance of an SSL friendly website for SEO.


Use this information because quite frankly, it works. I hope that you got some actionable content inside this guide and I wish you all the success in your SEO journey.

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