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Most probably you have an email list. It can be a list of customers, a list of people that signed-up to your website or a list of prospects that you gathered and want to ask if they are interested in your services.

Having an email list is a great thing as you have a very easy, powerful and cost-effective way to contact your potential buyers and turn them into customers.

But these are the good things. Let’s talk now about the things that you need to take care or your emails will end up in the Spam folder, where nobody reads them. Or you can have your email and IP address listed in spam lists. See here if your IP address or domain is blacklisted.

AlgoCheck comes into play

With all the spam that goes nowadays, email providers became no longer smarter but also very strict on rules and if you don’t follow them your email address and messages may be labeled as spam and will not be received by your contacts.

Today I’m going to show you one of the tools in my arsenal that helps me keep the email list healthy and out of spam traps. It is called AlgoCheck.

If you collect email addresses for several years the tool presented bellow is a must. Because as you know some email addresses become blacklisted, others are closed or other are simply not used anymore.

AlgoCheck goes one step further and can verify the email addresses before even you add them to your list. It removes up to 99,9% (according to their stats) of non-working emails, checks the syntax and the type of email address: company email (support@), free email (Yahoo, Gmail etc), disposable email (tom@10minutesmail.com).

Also, it connects to the email server of the received and checks if MX records and SMTP settings are ok, returning if the email address exists and a quality score.

Sending emails to non-exist or SPAM traps addresses is a clear sign of SPAM and your email server will be surely blacklisted so you want to avoid that.

AlgoCheck in a nutshell:

  • Improve delivery rates—and your reputation
  • Preserve your sender reputation
  • Improve the percentage of emails that make it to the inbox
  • Reduce the bounce rate of your mailing campaigns by 97%

AlgoCheck Prices and Plans:

  • Free 1000 – With this plan, you can check up to 1000 email addresses for syntax errors, disposable and free services and also get 10 credits to the full service that actually check each email address on its server if exists and can receive emails
  • Pack 1000 Credits ($5) – Check fully 1000 email addresses. That’s the plan that I recommend for testing the service at full power.
  • Packs: 5000 ($15), 10000($25), 20000($39) – Depending on your email list size you can choose your plan accordingly.
  • Light Monthy 40k($15), 100K ($29) –  These are monthly subscriptions and check email addresses for syntax errors, disposable and free services.

So basically the are three types of plans: Free, Light and Credits and you can easily see the differences between them bellow:


  • Free Plan: you have access only to the LightAPI, and you can check up to 1000 emails per month for free. The email quota resets the 1st of every month.
  • Credits Plan: you have access to the FullAPI + you can check emails via the dashboard (import a file or paste emails). The number of emails you can check depends on your package. Credits never expire.
  • LightAPI Plan: you have access to the FullAPI + (that’s new:) you can check emails via the dashboard (import a file or paste emails). The number of emails you can check depends on your package. For each LightAPI plan, the email quota resets the 1st of every month.

How AlgoCheck works

Once you signup and select a plan you will have access to the member’s area and their API. There you can import your email list in CSV or TXT format or you can code your own script in your favorite programming language (I do PHP).

There are several tools that already included AlgoCheck API, even if it is pretty new on the market. One of them is Layered Popups – my favorite pop-up WordPress plugin.


If you have an email list then using a program like AlgoCheck is a must to keep it healthy and ensure a good delivery rate.There are other solutions on the market but higher prices than AlgoCheck, up to 2 even 5 times higher.

As I have email lists of over 40K subscribers, keeping them in good shape would cost me a fortune.Fortunately not by using AlgoCheck.


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