autoapprove list best settingsAutoapprove list Best Settings for Best Results

In order to get the most backlinks using an autoapprove list and scrapebox you need to follow some easy but strict steps. I will teach you the exact method Im using it now to get over 85% posting rate with our scrapebox auto approve lists. So before jumping the gun that the list is poor make sure you are following this method. It is tested and improved by me for over 5 months now since I’m doing daily link blasts and pack autoapprove lists.

First of all let’s tweak the ScrapeBox Settings.

  • Go to Settings and then Adjust Timeout Settings. Set the Fast Poster Timeout to 90 seconds. This means that scrapebox will try to load and post on the url for 90 secconds till give up and count it as Failed. You may think this is huge but as there are slow servers, pages full of comments or rich media content and also thinking that you are posting on over 30-40 pages same time 90 secounds is resonable. Link Checker should be as well set up as well at 90 seconds for the same reasons I’ve explained for the Fast Poster.
  • Go to Settings and choose Adjust Maximum Connections. I’ve wrote last week a blog post about the Best ScrapeBox Connection Settings. Read it to understand what are the best connection settings for your internet connection. As a general rule try not to do more than 50 connections at a time unless you have a fast network connection with a fast machine. I use 100 on a dedicated 8 processor (2xquad) machine with a 100MB internet connection.
  • Update your “Slow and Manual Poster Blog Links” settings found under Settings menu. Max it out to 4096 KB. It is not documented but the Fast Poster also uses this setting. Now that blogs that use videos, complicated plugins, rich media content or have a lot of comments may easily exceed 2-3Mb so the max 4Mb may be ok. As a test just go to your favorite blog and save the webpage; Select the html and the content folder (images, js) and see how much space use. You will be surprised and will understand that webpages are heavy and consume a lot of bandwidth.
  • Check under Settings Menu the Randomize Poster Blogs List. This is very important, otherwise you will comment on same domain on all pages at once making it look like a DDOS attack and the server may block your requests so the posting will be FAILED. Another method to randomize the list is to use the blog analyzer addon, load the list from file, select shuffle, then save the list back to file or the harvester.

Let’s check other important aspects for a successful auto approve link blast.

  • Break the list down to 25K to 50K entries at a time.You may use Google “NotePad++” to cut and paste into multiple lists or Use Goolge URL Harvested box. Load the list using Import Url List and once is loaded choose Export as Text and split list.Enter the number of entries and you will end up with multiple files with the selected number of entries.
  • Proxies are very very important.I use 10 private proxies from YourPrivateProxy and I’m really happy with the results. If you don’t want to use paid proxies then use Harvested public proxies but the results will be less satisfactory. After you end up with a list of working proxies load it again and test it , remove the failed one and repeat this step 4-5 times till no more proxies are shown as failed. This way you basically have a good working proxies not as good as private ones but good enough. Anyway for best results invest in paid proxies it pays back big time.
  • Start commenting process. when is done save the POSTED entries and the FAILED ones like listname_posted.txt and listname_failed.txt
  • Use ScrapeBox Link Checker Free addon that can be downloaded from the official website at .Personally I find it more faster than the Link Checker included in ScrapeBox. First load the listname_posted.txt entries and find the found links. Export them at listname_posted_found.txt and then load the listname_failed.txt entries. The Found one export from the failed list export them as listname_failed_found.txt and not found ones at listaned_failed_notfound.txt
  • Load all the listname_failed_noutfound.txt files and post again on this lists. You will normally find 25% or more of the entries are successful on a second try. Don’t forget to shuffle this second list as well! A third run will result in even more successes, but the count is usually to low to make the time and effort worth while.
  • Don’t trust the “failed” results in the bottom right column of ScrapeBox. ScrapeBox reports fails with 302 (redirect) errors on posting as well at 500 (server error) errors. There seems to be new plugins on blogs lately that report all posts as 404 (not found) errors even though the post was successful. I find that in most cases, the link is really posted. You can verify this for yourself by exporting the “failed entries” in the comment poster after fast posting and load this failed list back into ScrapeBox and Check Links.

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