When it comes to marketing strategies, the importance of content cannot be underestimated. Good content helps building a loyal audience, attracting new clients, boosting sales, and completing many other tasks which are important for every company.

However, a content has to be really good in order to do that. If your content doesn’t help you achieve your goals, you probably understand there’s something wrong with it – but still might struggle to find out what exactly is wrong.

That’s why today I want to describe 7 the most dreadful content marketing mistakes that can and usually do ruin content strategy.

Writing content on multiple niches

Of course, this it isn’t always a mistake. If your company or website is big enough or going to become bigger anytime soon, it’s nice to offer content on various niches to your readers.

However, if you’re just starting, this wouldn’t always work as well.

Your first steps probably are hard enough just as they are. Don’t challenge yourself more than necessary by choosing a few niches to start. Most likely you won’t be able to cover all of them effectively: it requires a lot of research, knowledge of the field, and monitoring of the niche.

When you start, you have more important things to focus on.

Missing images

Sure, images themselves aren’t an obligatory thing to use. However, they help grabbing the attention of the audience and illustrating your point of view better. They also make your posts easier to read by dividing big chunks of text.

Optimize images for search engines

The articles with the images also get more shares, as social media statistic shows. Moreover, most of the top bloggers use them, so images are pretty much associated with the high-quality content.

The search engines like them too if the images are optimized accordingly. Don’t skip this part: when you optimize your images, they appear in the image search results, giving users another opportunity to find your content.

Ignoring Social Media

No matter how good your content is, it won’t have any desired effect if people have troubles finding it. That’s why it is so important to invest time and efforts into content promotion, especially social media promotion.

Sometimes marketers focus only on the main social media (Twitter and Facebook), completely forgetting that there are so many other channels too like Youtube, Quora, Pinterest. While they might seem less significant, they can still help build up your audience, so don’t neglect them.

Another mistake is promoting your content only for a short period of time. Don’t share your content only on the day you publish it – try to extend this period a bit, allowing more readers to discover your amazing articles.

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Writing without your audience in mind

Defining a target audience isn’t always easy, but it’s a necessary thing to do. You have to know who are you writing for in order to make the most out of your content as your target audience dictates the style you’ll have to choose, your choice of words, and the goals you’re trying to reach.

If you try writing for all people instead, you will most likely end up either getting worse results or not getting any at all.

Try to define your target audience as accurately as possible. This will allow you to focus on a certain demographics and to make your content more personalized and appealing to a certain group of people you are interested in.

Remember: it’s always better to attract a smaller number of people who are interested in your products or services than to attract a bigger number of people who aren’t interested in your company at all.

Writing without a schedule

You might feel inspired to write a couple of articles one day and not feel inspired to create any content the other day. However, this doesn’t mean that you should let this affect your work.

If you give shock written speeches, your audience will definitely return – and it’s your goal to let them know when to expect more. That’s what the schedule is for: it helps the audience understand when the new content will be released.

People like that and search engines appreciate that too. Moreover, this will also mean that you’ll have a strict deadline which you’ll have to meet. This will definitely affect your work in a positive way too.

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Neglecting to proofread

Despite many marketers know exactly just how important the proofreading is, they still often don’t put many efforts into it. Of course, it might seem that if a content is good, a couple of typos won’t spoil it – but actually, it doesn’t work this way.

Though a lack of proofreading doesn’t affect your SEO, it still has an impact on your audience. Your credibility and reputation depend directly on the quality of your articles, and if your articles are written with errors, they might look sloppy.

You definitely don’t want to look like a writer who doesn’t put many efforts in their work.

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Publishing average content

There are two basic characteristics of high-quality content: it has to be informative and interesting to read. It might sound simple, but actually, some marketers do forget about that, choosing quantity over quality or not putting many efforts into choosing the right topics.

No matter how hard you work on the rest, if your content is bad, it won’t give you the desired result.

Remember that you create it not simply to have something to fill your website with – you create it to offer something interesting and valuable to your audience.

Your content has to offer an answer to a certain question, a solution to a certain problem, a research, etc. – it has to have some value (the more, the better). So work hard to make it like that.

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Conclusion on content marketing mistakes

As you see, there are so many things that can affect the quality of your content, therefore ruining your marketing strategy. If you want to make the most out of it, be sure to avoid making those mistakes.

Define your target audience, write a publishing schedule and stick to it, choose a certain niche and do it as thoughtfully as possible. And, of course, work hard on your content and its quality, polishing every detail as these details actually do matter.

To me, these 7 content creation mistakes are the most common and dreadful ones.

However, they are definitely not the only ones marketers make. Maybe you know some more mistakes that you are willing to share with us?

Or maybe you think that some other mistakes could affect content marketing strategy even more? Either way, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Christina Battons

Christina Battons is a web content writer and blogger from LA. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California. Currently, I write for various sites as ProWritersCenter or similar. I am interested in topics about education, motivation, writing, etc. My writing I use as a tool to further the education of others. You can connect with me through Facebook. I’ll be happy to hear you, just drop me a line!