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The internet has become a great content marketing tool as it readily offers vast and cheap information. Content marketing has helped transform lives through its strategic online marketing approach with a great focus on creation and distribution of valuable and consistent content.

This as a result, has been able to attract and retain customers, ultimately driving profitable customer actions.

A quality content marketing article is one that provides useful information that can help someone complete a project or solve a problem or task.

One of the ways to go about with content marketing is with “How-to articles”, as they can easily help one accomplish life changing goals that cut across individuals, communities and the world at large.

The 7 steps identified below will guide you on how to write “how to” articles:

Finding the Right Title

Choose an interesting topic that you are passionate about and can easily explore. Afterward, come up with a title of the problem, project or task. Your title should be simple, catchy and accurately describe the content.

It is important that you find a unique angle to make your article stand out.

Research on Your Topic

Conduct research to familiarize yourself with your topic. This will help you gain further ideas on different ways to approach the topic.

Some of the details to include with your how-to article are:

  • Quotes by well-known people
  • Statistics
  • Examples on how to carry out something

You can then collect and sort your researched material into categories. This will help you write a flowing article.

Writing a Draft

Start drafting your work prior to final writing. Excellent writing services can easily help you put your ideas into complete thoughts such as sentences, steps and paragraphs.

It is important to keep your audience in mind while drafting as you get to organize your ideas and points in a way that allows the reader to understand your message.

Read your draft to see if it’s systematic and has a nice conversational tone directed to your audience, then ask yourself if it’s working.

If it’s okay, you can revise what you have and proceed with the next steps. Drafting gives you an overview of how your final work will look like and it enables you to fine tune your work.

Dividing the Activities into Steps

How-to articles are generally sequential in nature and can be written in steps that provide the reader with a way to do something or solve a problem. It is important that you break down your article into discrete steps that give focus on a specific thing at a time.

Confirm that you’ve mentioned each step in a way that your reader can easily follow. After reading your article, they must be able to carry out the outlined processes with ease.

If you have too many outlined directions, you can break them into related parts with subheadings.

The purpose of this is to turn it into easy to follow steps and to enable your audience focus on a specific action at a time.

Write Each Step

Once you’ve systematically outlined your work, you can create the primary structure – the theme. Start explaining each of the outlined steps in detail and while ensuring that your readers can easily follow the process.

Have an introduction and Conclusion

Have a well-crafted introduction. This is important as it helps capture the reader’s interest. Then, finish up with a nice conclusion that wraps up the whole article.

Edit and Revise with the Reader in Mind

Once you’ve completed your draft, edit and revise it. Put yourself into the reader’s mind as you do this. Try to ensure that each process that you’ve outlined meets your reader’s needs.
Make certain that your outlined steps are sequential and in order.

Then, correct your grammar errors and spelling mistakes. You can use spelling check and grammar correction tools like Grammarly. Finally, read through your piece one more time to ensure that your article is perfect and drives your message home.


How-to articles offer compelling and important ways to share information with readers, and if you know something about anything, writing them can make the difference you desire.

Do you have a nice how-to topic and don’t know how to go about writing it?

You can use essay writing services to help you come up with excellent how-to articles able to help your audience solve a problem or accomplish a certain task.

Recent statistics have shown that having good content helps attract the right audience to your products and services and is one of the best ways to achieve digital marketing success.


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