Instagram has more about 700 million users worldwide and counting. That should be enough reason for anybody to be interested in it as it is a goldmine for marketing right now.

However, like any other social media, there are some features and policies that you need to be aware of before starting to promote your business on Instagram.

Initially, Instagram was created as a photo sharing application that people could use on their phones to add filters to their clicked photographs and then send and share it with their friends.

Gradually, its popularity increased so much that it can now be considered to one of the most active social media websites in the world. If you do not see the potential that your business is losing by not promoting it on Instagram, you need a reality check.

With so many followers logging into Instagram every day, it is a gold mine for marketing.

Things you need to know about Instagram

Every social media website has a particular theme on which they base their features and principles. Now since Instagram is a photo-based app and its main content has always been pictures, it is evident that photographs and visually enticing content need to be the primary focus on Instagram.

The caption should be of little to moderate length, and if possible, you can share some personal experience or backstory to it for the followers. Now, Instagram works based on hashtags, and like any other social media, it has the search option where the tags can take you to other similar contents posted by various users.

How can you create hashtags?

Creating hashtags is very easy. All you have to do is just put the hashtag symbol and then write the tag that seems relevant to your content without space. Instagram will treat this as a hashtag and will put your content in the hashtag search.

However, be aware that Instagram is a bustling site since every day millions and millions of photos and videos are getting shared. So it is important that you get the maximum out of your content within the first 2 hours or so or your content might get lost in the sea of contents.

Also, it is better if you post regularly at a short interval as that will give your followers to look forward to something. You need to remember that you cannot use any special characters inside the hashtag except the hash symbol in the beginning and there should be no space between the symbol and the words you type.

At present, Instagram allows 30 tags, but you do not need to use that many; about 10-15 will do.

How to gain followers on Instagram?

Celebrities and international models will automatically flourish on Instagram and will have millions of followers overnight without doing anything much. You cannot take their example.

Since Instagram is mostly a visual based website, it is evident that people will be attracted to beautiful pictures. However, you need not need to burn a hole in your pocket to hire a professional for clicking purposes although if you have the budget, that is a very valid option.

Anyhow, to gain more followers for Instagram, all you need is a good phone with a decent camera and a little bit of sense of lighting. Now according to your product, you can decide what color scheme or filter you will be using on your picture.

You should try to stay similar to your theme as that will appear soothing and will give the viewer an idea of the kind of things you share on your timeline.

Use of relevant hashtags is important

Always use relevant hashtags and if possible, as some of the photos of other users who used similar hashtags. Chances are some of them will surely return the favor, and you will get some new likes.

Sometimes this results in a friendly bond, and you will probably end up following each other as well. After all, social media is based on the philosophy of connecting people worldwide and creating the sense of community overall.

Now you might see celebrity accounts not following anyone and yet ending up with millions of followers. Well, when you are building your image and brand name, you cannot expect that kind of response, and you might have to follow a few people as well.

However, try to make it precise and follow those who are actually into the same kind of business or theme as you are.

What to consider regarding the new features

Instagram has recently launched a video sharing facility. Initially, they allowed posting 15 seconds of video. Gradually that number increased, and now you can post about a minute long video on Instagram.

You can use this feature to various applications and use it for a promotion. Also, this is a significant opportunity for musicians as they can now share some of their work as a teaser or promotional stuff to their audience and post snippets of their music.

Also, Instagram very recently launched its story feature where you can post a picture or video or text message for 24 hours, and your audience can see it, and send a response to it. There is another feature that Instagram has introduced is the “live” feature where you can directly organize live sessions and interact with your followers.

Special Instagram feature for interaction

Instagram also has a private inbox option that you can use to communicate with friends or promote your business to other users. Also, very recently Instagram introduced the company profile feature which allows some extras features compared to the previous private accounts.

The private accounts are still there though, and you can decide not to switch to a business account. However, for professionals, it is a boon as it allows you to have the insight of your followers’ activities and by that analysis, you can plan your timing and content them because you will know when your followers are most active and to what kind of content they mostly react.


Like any other social media, Instagram too will require some research before you start. Moreover, the most important thing that you need to remember is to be flexible, friendly and stay updated.

If you follow these methods and stay true to your content, people will see your honesty and put their faith in you, and you will have a brand that has many followers online in no time.

Harris Scott

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.