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If you’re not already using Pinterest to increase your followers and engagement on Instagram and drive traffic back to your website you are missing out on:

While many businesses are actively engaging on Instagram, Pinterest is often overlooked as a way to drive traffic.

But with 250 million people using the platform every month, 40 percent of which are on an income of above $100k a year, maximizing your Pinterest could transform your social media following and encourage users to buy into your brand.

Follow the advice below to maximize the impact of your Pinterest account and use it to draw traffic to the places you need it.

Pin your content

As soon as an image goes live on your Instagram account, be sure to post it on Pinterest too. This is the easiest way to drive organic traffic back to your Instagram.

Create multiple Pinterest boards that are relevant to your audience and your brand. Separate these boards into specific categories so that it is easier for your followers to find the content they need.

By providing boards filled with relevant, engaging content you will encourage followers on your Pinterest, which will eventually translate to more followers on other channels.

Connect your social accounts

Ideally, you should make sure that all of your social media platforms are linked up to one another. This will attract your followers to connect with you across multiple accounts, ultimately drawing traffic back to your Instagram and your website.

When you connect your Pinterest to Instagram and Facebook you can easily get attribution and analytics for your content. You will be able to see the stats of each pin and gain access to additional features on Pinterest.

Connect to Twitter, Facebook and even Google+ to make your cross-platform presence even more effective. The more consistent your message is across multiple platforms, the more likely you are to increase followers and engagement.

Stay Active

Although original content is the heart of good branding, using and sharing other people’s content is an effective way to increase your followers. The nature of Pinterest allows users to share and engage more than most platforms so make the most of this.

Great ways to maintain an active Pinterest account include:

Commenting on popular pins

The Popular section of Pinterest is filled with pins that have been liked and re-pinned several times. Make the most of this by commenting on these posts, this will draw people to your own boards.

Mentioning others

When it is appropriate to do so, mention others in your pin description or in the comments section.

Following others

Look for Pinterest users with relevant interests, products or branding and follow them. Continue to follow the users that follow you back and unfollow those that do not. Follow a combination of pinners and boards to achieve maximum engagement.

Following around 100 – 300 people at a time is the easiest way to keep track. Wait a few days and then unfollow those that have not followed you back. In this way you will gradually build up a big number of followers that will be likely to head to your Instagram.

Sharing content

Re-pin content daily and interact with users that are similar to yourself. Make sure that your followers are seeing a constant stream of activity across your boards.

Keep things consistent

Like all other platforms, consistency is key. Gracie Parish is a social media influencer with impressive 41k followers on Instagram.  She credits this to actively engaging across all of her social media platforms, Pinterest included.

Post daily and keep your postings relevant and on brand.

Pin during peak times

Pin during specific times of the day when follower activity is optimum. Tools like Tailwind can make it easier for you to plan pins to go live at the times of day that you require.

Studies have found that the best time to post on Pinterest is between 8pm and 11pm in the evening. Unlike other platforms, Pinterest users appear to use the platform as an evening activity like sitting down in front of the television.

Fridays and Saturdays are also dubbed the best days on which to post. This is because people often use the site to plan for projects (which might be done or planned over the weekend).

Run Competitions

Running a multi-platform contest is a great way to encourage Pinterest followers to gravitate towards your Instagram. Giveaways could stipulate that the winner must be following your brand across both accounts in order to be successful.

To run a successful Pinterest competition:

  • Make the contest easy to enter
  • Make great graphics so it is visually appealing
  • Ensure the prize is attractive
  • Ask for a re-pin from followers
  • Promote your contest across your platforms and direct followers to the appropriate place


Joining a group Pinterest board is a great way to encourage engagement, which will translate into more clicks through to your Instagram.

Create a board and add other users that you would like to collaborate with. Ensure that they are unlikely to spam the boards and will post in a way that works to promote all members of the group board.

Working with other influencers by sharing one another’s content is an effective way to drive traffic to your site.

SEO-proof your pins

Pinterest works as a search engine so making sure that you use SEO to make your boards easily findable is key.

You can do this by:

Picking the right name

Choosing a username that will have maximum impact. Your URL serves as your keyword so choose something memorable.

Making your boards easy to find

The same goes for the boards that you use. Try and think like your intended audience. What would they search for? Without killing all of your creativity make sure that your pins are easy to find.

Keeping it relevant

Limiting your hashtags and focusing instead on relevant and useful descriptions is another way to optimize your Pinterest site. While they are useful here and there, they should not be used in the same way that they are on Instagram.

Doing your research

Search, search, search. Try out how the Pinterest search engine works by using it yourself. From there you can figure out the most effective descriptions to use to ensure that your pins are seen.

It is worth doing this on both the mobile and desktop site to check for differences. Make sure that your mobile site looks as eye-catching as it does on a computer and you will achieve much more engagement.


Follow the above tips, while consistently posting Instagram images to your Pinterest site and you will maximize engagement and drive traffic to both your website and Instagram account.


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