The best part of Instagram is also its most fundamental aspect: a social media platform where you can only share photos and videos. This is the basic design of the app, and it has led to many people thinking that Instagram is only there for sharing their holiday pictures or photos of their dinner.

But Instagram has huge potential to be used for business purposes. It offers a place where business enterprises and brands can connect with followers and users to increase their sales. Instagram allows business owners to get more visits and better conversion rates.

There are plenty of features on Instagram which has made it so business friendly, Instagram Stories is one such feature. In this article, you shall learn how to use Instagram stories to boost your business revenues.

Using Instagram

It is very easy to understand and use this social media platform. You do not have to have a lot of experience on social media platforms to learn how to use Instagram because the user interface of Instagram is minimalistic. You can use this simplicity to put your posts directly across and try to catch the interest of the customer with direct content.

It is Free:

In general, business owners like yourself have to spend a lot of money to get the correct tools and resources which are required to grow and improve a business. Instagramlets you do this for free, by simply downloading and installing the app. You do not have to spend any extra money to make a business profile.

Valuable Insights:

Business profiles help you to get vital insight into your followers. This unique information is available to people who have Instagram business accounts, and it gives you details about who your followers mostly are and when they are online.

Instagram stories:

Your followers and customers would like to get instant gratification and information, and Instagram stories are perfect for that purpose. Instagram stories will let you post a photo on your Instagram profile which can be visible for only 24 hours after which the post will disappear.

The idea behind such stories is that is easily shareable and since they can be seen for just 24 hours so people feel a sense of urgency and would like to view them quickly. Instagram stories can help to boost your business if you can use them properly.

You can try this smart technique to use Instagram stories: simply upload videos of the various day to day events and activities of your business regularly. At times remember to put informative captions also to describe what is happening to your followers.

You can post videos about how the manufacturing of your business products is being done, or how quality control tests are being done; you can post interviews of your workers, etc. The possibilities are endless, but the main target is to attract the audience’s attention.

Special discounts and offers:

Instagram stories can be used to broadcast information about limited time special discounts and special offers to your followers. You can publicize the discount by making a beautiful attention-grabbing image, or you can upload a short promotional video too.

You have to make the audience understand that the offer would be only there for the next 24 hours, this will give a sense of urgency in your followers, and they will share your posts more quickly and with as many people as they can.

Celebrate Business Achievements:

When your business achieves an award or crosses a significant milestone, you must share the good news with your customers. This can be done by uploading a photo or a video of your Instagram story. This will give more personality to your business and also generate more customer interest.

Creating Instagram Stories:

You have to click on the plus sign which is at the top left-hand corner in your Instagram feed. After that touch the circle button and click a photo from your cell phone or hold it to make a video. You can add a filter to your posts. Also, Instagram offers a wide range of choices to select from.

To add a filter, just swipe left or right and select the different choices supplied. You can then decide who can view your story by checking the “story settings” option.

Stories shared by you will be visible to millions of people worldwide so remember to choose your posts wisely.

You can use these tactics to get real Instagram Likes to increase your Instagram influence and grow your business.


Instagram is the future ready social media platform. It is easy, simple and takes up less space on your smartphone. Instagram’s beauty lies in its compact nature and its focus on visual content only. This allows business owners to convey the core message of their brands directly and more easily to users.

Visual communication is easier to establish than communication via written methods. Also, the fact that Instagram uses hashtags helps business owners a great deal, because now their products can be easily discovered by new people everywhere, all you would have to do is to give the most popular hashtags in your industry along with your posts. When users like or comment on your posts, they will be visible on the profiles of their followers also.

Thus you will have marketing and advertising for free. Instagram stories can also be used for marketing purposes as you have seen in this article. Hopefully, the techniques and the information shared in this article will help you build a better online presence.

Stay tuned to come across such impeccable posts!

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