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The aim of each business is to grow and in order to do that, it has to provide high quality service and/or products and develop a strong client base, which also needs to grow to facilitate further development of the business.

Apart from taking steps to retain the existing customers, each business also needs to focus on attracting new ones.

The way to reach new clients is through various types of advertising. That includes both what the business has been successfully doing for years and some new modern methods that allow a greater number of people to be reached quickly and inexpensively.

The traditional methods, such as print ads, billboards, TV and radio commercials and flyers are now accompanied by new forms, such as social media tools, online campaigns, websites and email newsletters, to name but a few most popular ones.

Although the latter methods are taking the world by storm, should business owners and managers completely reject the old ways? In a nutshell, not yet.

Not everyone is online

Although more and more people are using modern technology and you can target and reach them relatively efficiently and quite quickly, there are still those who prefer to hear about various offers through traditional advertising channels.

If you use leaflets, billboards and all other printed collaterals to promote your digital marketing channels, you’ll be allow more people to find out about your products and services.

Getting them interested is the first step, but you also want them to get engaged.

In order to achieve that goal, you need to make sure that all sources of information provide correct and easy-to-get information about your offer.

Also, since most people will refer to your website at one point, you need to have a suitable SEO strategy in place, since it’ll make it easy for them to find you via search engines.


Truth be told, there’s a huge increase in the number of people who prefer to buy online, rather than visit a store. Still, you also want to attract those who stick to the old-fashioned walk or drive to their favourite store.

Using localization to improve your SEO will help you reach them, but to really increase the chances of attracting a bigger number of people, you should complement such a campaign with traditional posters or leaflets around your store.

Such traditional methods might include coupons that customers can redeem at your store, which would encourage them to visit you instead of your competitors.

The same can, of course, be done using digital campaigns, but remember that now everyone feels comfortable making a purchase online.

Building lasting relationships

Whether you’ve gathered information about your existing and prospective clients online or though some other means, you most certainly need to follow up and try to establish a much more personal relationship, which will most definitely be perceived as an example of excellent customer care.

To do that, you might want to consider making a phone call and hearing what your customers have to say. After all there’s no better way to retain your customers than to listen to them and appreciate their input and opinion.

Naturally, it’s much easier to have customers leaving the necessary information online, by filling in a form, for example, than by asking them to stay a few more minutes at your store to do so, which is a perfect example of how traditional and modern methods can create a much better result when combined successfully.

Physical events and digital marketing

Organising a physical event is often a very good idea, which increases your visibility and spreads the word about your company. The key to organising a successful event is to offer something that people would find interesting enough to attend and find means to provide more information where and when the event would take place.

What is more, you can easily invest a bit more into branding development and make your brand and event itself more recognizable.

That’s where digital marketing, especially social media platforms, can step in and help you boost the number of attendees. You could also have a Twitter wall and the event hashtag, so that people could tweet about it.

The role of digital media doesn’t stop there. After the event, try to stay in touch with the connections you established via your newsletter or social media.

Streamlining communication channels

Since the most important aspect of customer service is communication, it’s important to have many various communication channels open to allow your customers to get in touch with you.

If your prospective and old customers can reach you both on the phone or through social media channels like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and e-mail, they’ll be able to choose the one that makes them most comfortable, have a feeling that they’re in control and they’ll definitely feel special, which is exactly what you want to achieve.

As you can see, rejecting traditional marketing methods can still help your business a lot and they shouldn’t be rejected just yet.

The fact that the focus is now on digital marketing doesn’t mean that we should necessarily choose just one method.

As long as the old one is still providing some return on investment and can complement new methods well, we should try to combine them for the best result possible.

David Webb

David Webb is a Sydney-based business consultant and online marketing analyst. With six years of experience and a degree in online business strategies, he is driven to help people to better understand this new digital age. In his free time, David enjoys writing, travelling and an occasional night out with his friends.

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