Marketing is extremely important to any business. Marketing is how consumers become aware and remember you and your products. Below we have a list of some of the biggest marketing mistakes. Are you making any of them?

Not Individualizing

Many companies take the time to personalize messages to their customers by adding their name at the top, but are you individualizing the message. The technology exists today that will allow you to recommend specific products based on a customer’s pasts purchases.

This is marketing tailored specifically to that one customer and is extremely effective.

Not Following the 80/20 rule

The 80/ 20 rule specifies that 80% of you content should be high quality and informative the other 20% is where you market and promote yourself. Keeping this balance keeps customers from feel like you are being pushy, but it’s enough to make them remember you and your products.

Not Following Up with Good Customers

If you have loyal customers, then you need to follow up with them, and keep promoting yourself to them. They already like your products, so why not see if they want to try something new from you?

Not Planning Content Ahead

While it’s important to create new content and produce it frequently, to do so without a plan will only make your content seem disorganized and random, which makes your business look unprofessional.

Not Trying Out New Platforms

Social media platforms are one of the best ways to raise awareness of your company and retarget past customers. If you are only using one platform, you are missing out on potential business.

Not Commenting or Engaging with Customers

Part of the reason social media is so powerful in converting customers is because it allows you to directly engage with them. You can also head off any complaints or problems someone may have with your company early on.

Not Having A Blog

Every business should have a blog. Interested consumers could subscribe and get updates directly to their email when you post something new. It also is a chance to show your expertise in your business.

Not Using Email

Email marketing is just as important as social media marketing. This tool can be used both for promotional and engagement purposes.

Not Taking the Time to Craft Your Message

Just like you need to plan ahead for your content marketing strategy, you also need to take time to craft your content. To keep customer reading your content it must be high quality and informative.

Not Revealing Insider Information

Part of crafting your message is revealing interesting information that may not be available from other sources. Revealing insider information may even get consumers to trust you more and feel better about buying from you.

Refusing to Guest Write

Guest writing on someone else’s blog is great exposure for the owner of the blog and you. Both of you will be seen by new audiences, which means the potential to gain sales. SEO Melbourne does it well.

Ignoring SEO

SEO is often pushed to the back burner because it’s expensive and sometimes hard to understand but learning how to use SEO is a powerful way and investing in it can do powerful things for your business.

Not Using YouTube

YouTube is a great marketing platform. Video is interactive and different. You can get just as much content in a video as in a thousand-word blog, and people are more likely to take the time to watch a video than read.

Not Utilizing Good Customers

When you have loyal and happy customers you should use them. Give them a feature on your blog or YouTube Channel, or get testimonials from them. Good customer reviews lead other customers to trust and buy from you. Feel free to post them and brag on yourself.


Some of these mistakes may seem like no brainers, but many people struggle with marketing. To be effective in your marketing campaign you must avoid all the mistakes above, but some people don’t have time to contribute to their marketing. Fortunately, for those people there are companies who will market for you and are trained to ensure the mistakes above aren’t made.


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