It doesn’t matter if you are an SEO agency, or you sell apples for a living – being competitive on the market is one of the basic prerequisites for success.

There will be no profit if all of your potential customers go straight to your competitors, just because they are better known. So it is high time to do something about it and to make it count.

Taking time to know your clients, investing in marketing campaigns, recruiting carefully, and implementing the right tools – it all takes time, but it will be beneficial in the long run.

Stay up to date

The world of Search Engine Optimization is all about keeping up with the herd. Google, as the most relevant search engine, constantly tweaks its algorithm, so aspects that were irrelevant yesterday suddenly became the most important parameters for your website.

After late 20th-century keyword stuffing trend, the most powerful search engine in the world introduced a series of algorithm changes which over the years made the SEO game a lot more interesting.

It is no longer enough to have just an adequate number of backlinks, but your website has to fulfill certain conditions: it has to be relevant, consistent and filled with quality content that makes visitors engaged for long periods of time.

According to R.L. Adams, Google hasn’t made any drastic changes to its algorithm, so main rules still apply. So for your website to be ranked highly, the first thing you will need is Google’s trust – that you can achieve only with time.

Secondly, it is better to have less quality content than a lot of crappy articles. Also, if your articles are short (under 500 words), Google will most likely ignore them. More details on this ranking factor here. Mind the websites you build the links form and focus on the mobile game.

Invest in digital marketing

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This doesn’t necessarily have to be paid. Yes, sure that you will get a lot of exposure by using facebook and google ads, but there are ways that you can get friction by investing only your time. Facebook ads are one of an excellent place to start with your campaign.

These ads are cheap if you take into the account the amount of reach and targeting you get. Another option is Linkedin ad – but they are useful only if you are targeting other businesses. Finally, take note of Twitter ads as they can help you reach an incredible number of people quickly.

As far as free options are concerned one of the most popular ways to increase your visibility and thus your competitiveness is starting company’s blog. It should be filled with high-quality posts concerning actionable tips and tricks, that will not only get you additional visitors but increase the reputation of your employees as well.

If a client knows, the name of one of your team members because he read their post and found it compelling, it is very likely that they will choose your company solely for that reason.

Use the right tools

To stay on track and focus on becoming competitive, you have to have ‘your house in order’ first. What that means is you should keep all your processes organized, optimized and tight.

Your team has to be in norming or performing stage, and most importantly, happy. Clients will expect results and regular progress reports – swiftly.

As an owner of SEO agency, it is highly likely that you will be managing digital projects, so there will be a need for a creative agency management software, whether you like it or not.

If possible, choose one with all the features you will need: project, task, and time tracking; team and client collaboration; reporting and invoicing; budget and cost tracking as well.

The idea is to be efficient as possible, so choose the tool that can help you and will allow you to focus on real work instead of unnecessary busy work.

Choose the right people

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Whether you like it or not, the team is what propels your business forward, so having adequate personnel can be the difference between success and failure.

According to several SEO agency owners, there are a lot of different characteristics that make a good SEO analyst: While some consider that they have to be thorough, analytical, and highly technical, others believe that they should be excellent communicators, explaining complex technical issues in a non-technical way.

Many don’t want their SEO experts to be universal workers, but specialists that focus solely on their task and their purpose.

So when you are gathering your team takes note of individuals abilities. It’s not about their skills, skills can be taught, but about their attitude: if the attitude is right, your newly appointed employee will blend in and start contributing in the no time.

If on the other hand, attitude (only put) stinks, it can bring more harm than good to the collective. Conduct interview thoroughly and do not settle.

Have a meaningful client collaboration

If your business is a house that has to be kept in order, clients are those who make that house livable in. They provide you and your team with the work, as well as profit to maintain the mechanism going – and that is why you should treat your clients firmly but fairly.

Even though all clients expect their requests to be fulfilled in ‘no questions asked’ manner, it is up to you to manage their expectations the best way you can: if something they came up is just impossible to achieve, tell them straight away. It is better, to be honest than have an unsatisfied client with the disappointing project.

This is one of the crucial aspects of successful business an around 75% of customers state that they consider customer service a real test of a company’s competence.

Don’t let them down; they are the source of profit as well as credibility – the main ingredient for market competitiveness.


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