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Organic VS Paid traffic? The inevitable question. Which one would my business benefit from?

There are so many things that need to be assessed and taken into account before knowing which is best for your business.

Firstly your business needs to answer the following

  • What are your overall goals?
  • Who are you targeting?
  • How do they use the web?

After reflecting on these questions, the next step is to understand what both Organic and Paid traffic is?

I am going to examine exactly what you need to know about both.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is non-paid traffic. It is traffic that occurs without a business using paid promotions. So, when we type something in the Google search bar, those results that appear are organic search results.

The sites that appear first have the highest quality and most trusted content on their page. Google ranks them first due to their keyword in regards to the text you searched.

The main purpose of SEO is getting your website ranking to the top of the organic search results and directing organic traffic.

SEO pros you need to know about.

Increased traffic as a result of effective SEO. Being one of the first organic traffic results will increase traffic to your site as people instinctively trust Google with their ranking of organic sites.

Business awareness is achieved, as being the first point of contact for searchers means your business is at a competitive advantage. Being one of the first visible websites for targeted keywords means users will instantly relate your business with the keywords they typed.

Trust & Credibility is gained from being one of the top organic search results, as Google has given your site the tick of approval. Searchers are more inclined to click your website rather than a paid ad.

Cost efficiency is a result of organic traffic as there is no direct charge. A lot of time and effort goes into driving your website to the top of the ranks, however, all in all, it’s a much cheaper method over paid advertising.

Strategic advantages apply. It may not be an easy or short process applying SEO. However, once your business has achieved this, it has a competitive advantage. Making it to the top of the SERP means you’ve followed Google’s rules.

Full niche coverage. There are some niches like CBD, gambling (in some countries) or escorts where Google and Bing do not allow pay per click ads. So you have to rely on SEO. That’s why websites like Swiss High-Class Escorts focus on Local SEO to promote their pages: Escorts in Zurich, Escorts in Bern, Escorts in Basel.

SEO still comes with some cons

It can be time-consuming. So, if your business is after immediate results, SEO may not be the right method for you.

No top spot guarantee. Despite all the time and effort, your business puts into creating quality content; there is no guarantee it will successfully gain you the top spot.

Slow ROI, you have to be prepared for delayed results. It takes time to see results from your SEO efforts; this has to be something your business is prepared to deal with.

No full control. It is hard to truly know all of the Googles algorithms and exactly how they work. You might be creating content you think is SEO appropriate however it may not be.

You have to risk it for the biscuit; it isn’t the same as paid advertising were your results most often reflect what you paid for.

Now we’re going to talk about, Paid traffic.

Paid traffic is pretty much what it sounds like, your business paying for its traffic. The most used method of pay per click (paid traffic) is Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is an advertising service Google uses that allows businesses to pay for advertising and only pay for it when people click on their ads.

Again, it comes with its pros and cons.

Instant results can be achieved. This is one of the major positives of Google Adwords. Choose your keywords, create a budget, set up ad groups, and your up and running.

Exposure. Creating a Google Adwords campaign gives your website the opportunity to be the first advert on Googles search engine, visible to all active searchers.

Results are measured instantly. All your data from your AdWords campaign will be instantly collated, so you can measure results and understand what is working and what needs to be changed.

Budgeting is easy. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have plenty of money to spend, Google Adwords accommodates for both. You can gain effective results no matter what your budget.

Paying per click on the advertisement means you’re paying regardless of the consumer’s intentions when clicking on your web page.

Keyword targeting is crucial. There is the chance that your keywords may be mistargeted, meaning your ads are showing to the wrong people.

ROI could not be what you were expecting. Despite having lots of clicks, it is to be considered that you may not have the return on investment you were hoping for, leaving you with a financial disadvantage.

The Integrated Approach

You still don’t know which one to use? Well, there is always the ‘Integrated Approach’.

“While Google AdWords is a great solution for getting immediate results, it should be a part of a broader marketing solution including SEO.” So ideally, integrating the two would allow them to support each other harmoniously.

  • More visibility means more exposure, which is evidently one of the largest benefits of integration.
  • Keyword success as you’ll know exactly which keywords are effective and working, as you now have double the amount of data to reflect on results. You can also test your keywords using Adwords before applying them in your SEO strategy.
  • More clicks as you will have maximum exposure to Google’s search results through being visible in organic and paid results, which means more people clicking on your web page.
  • Increased confidence in having stable platforms on both organic and paid visibility.
  • Remarketing yourself isn’t as daunting as you always have either your organic or paid method to fall back on.

After identifying your goals and target market, and now knowing the pros and cons of organic and paid traffic.

Which direction will your business take?


Dennis Pestro is working full time on Scrapebrokers.com - Main provider of SEO Resources and Traning for SEO Companies and Individuals looking to win the SEO game.

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