What is SEO optimization?

SEO optimization is the methods by which you increase traffic to your blog or website. It means increasing the number of visitors by earning a high ranking placement in the search results. If you are a college student now, you will hear the phrase “SEO” a lot.

Learning about blogging and about optimizing that content with SEO is getting increasingly important for landing jobs in the new economy. Learning how to do this now, while you’re a student, can potentially land you a media job or internship in the next couple of years.

Here, we have outlined the basics behind SEO optimization and the various types of blog posts that will increase traffic to your website or blog.

What is SEO and how do I use it to boost my blog?

  1. Focus on Content. If you produce poor content, your blog will not get a lot of traffic. Period. Rather than constantly churning out a bunch of bad posts, it’s better to produce high-quality content that you can be proud of.
  2. Stay consistent. Find a niche and write within that niche. If you write about sports one day and travel the next, your SEO will be damaged. Consistency is key for developing high-quality content.
  3. Make sure your content is relevant and useful. People use search engines to solve problems. If you provide content that solves their problems, then you will increase your traffic, and your search ratings will increase.
  4. Comment on other blogs. Commenting on other blogs is a great way to get your blog noticed. It will also provide you with backlinks, which are a great way to increase traffic to your site.
  5. Utilize keywords, but make sure they fit naturally. Using keywords is a crucial element in every blog post. If you make it unnatural though, you could be flagged as spam.
    1. Identify your primary keywords. Use these about 2 to 3 times for every 100 words, in the title, and in a subheading.
    2. Find related keywords by entering your primary keywords into google and looking at the related searched on the bottom. Use two to four of them in your post.

What are the different types of blog posts and which benefit from SEO content?

Now that you have a basic understanding of SEO, it is time to outline the major types of blog posts and tell you how, with correct SEO use, they can help you to build and maintain an audience for your blog.

  • The News. Use current events to come up with a post that mixes relevant news and your own opinions. If you are writing a news post for a company, make sure to contextualize the news based on how it will impact the company or how your company will change as a result. Using SEO here is important because you can use the SEO keywords for that particular news event and increase your following.
  • Entertainment: The main point behind an entertainment based post is to amuse the reader. These can be humorous listicles or a funny first-person account of something. If you properly employ SEO with these posts, then they have a high likelihood of being noticed and shared. Entertaining posts circulate quickly, but they need to be noticeable. Using SEO to make sure it stands out in the search results naturally is important, but SEO is perhaps not as important in these posts as in others such as Instructional (see below), simply because they will go viral through other means (such as social media).
  • Instructional or “How-To.” This is one of the most common types of posts. It works well with SEO because people are utilizing their search engines to solve a problem and you are solving that problem for them. They naturally employ SEO keywords because the nature of the post requires that you indicate the purpose of the article in the title. If someone searches “how to write a good term paper,” and your post is titled “how to write a good term paper,” then you will probably show up in their results.
  • Media. Media posts typically utilize video, infographics, or images. The point is to make the bulk of the content for these posts visual. There is a high demand for visual content in our current world, so employing these can bring an increase in traffic to your blog. Don’t bog these posts down with too much SEO text (don’t use more than a few paragraphs of text in general), but rather include keywords in the image description, caption, and Alt tag. Images and videos can increase your likelihood for inbound links because of their high likelihood of getting shared, which improves your sites overall SEO.

There you have your SEO basics and a list of how to optimize SEO with five of the most popular types of articles you can easily order from custom blog post writing service with experts. As a student, it is likely that you will need to understand the ways SEO works with blogging in order to secure certain jobs or internships in the future. This is the direction our technological wave is moving, so it is important to understand this now.