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People start new blogs every single day, they are all pumped and excited about the whole new journey, but after a few months or two, they quit! All this happens because the blog never gets the right amount of traffic and response.

Bloggers fail to realize that getting traffic does not happen overnight and it takes a lot of time to get your blog to a level where it receives enough traffic. But even after waiting for months and even years if you are still not getting the traffic you expected then something is definitely wrong.

Unlike most articles, which preach about gaining more traffic on your blog quickly, we aim at looking at a different perspective.

Before looking for a solution, you must find a question, and in order to get more traffic on your blog, you need to look for factors that are preventing it in the first place.

Here is a list of several different reasons why you are not getting enough traffic to your blog.

If you can identify the reason, you can surely find a solution too!

1. It may be your blog’s design

Research shows that it is within the first few seconds of clicking the website that the viewer decides whether to stay on the page or move on. And to keep the viewer on your blog, you should have a blog design that is not only catchy but responsive too.

There is a list of things on your blog that might be causing the law traffic. You should come up with a blog design that is appealing and simple. Try not to overdo anything; people often avoid blogs that display too much of everything.

Using simpler colors and fonts can also help you get more traffic on your blog. You can add snippets to your blog to provide a quick overview of your recent work, snippets save space and also show your work in the best possible way.

2. It may be your content

Blogs are all about quality content and if you are missing that then probably it is the main reason why your blog is not getting enough traffic. Writing a blog post that engages users is really important, else you will fail.

There are more than a million blogs on the internet today. Each one is unique and shares a different idea, but even then some blogs make it to the top of the list while others can barely get any traffic. This happens when your blog fails to deliver engaging and quality content.

People read blogs for inspiration and to connect, but if your blog’s content does not cater these requirements, then it is not fulfilling its function. Google most downgrade blogs that lack the right content, which causes low traffic.

You can improve the content quality of your blog by trying to be more original and authentic. Try not to imitate other blogs, you can always look for help, but your blog should reflect your personality and ideas.

Try to add more visual content to your writing as it attracts the reader. Viewers can easily get bored, especially when the blog looks like a boring textbook without any pictures.

Make your blog interesting by adding relatable pictures and videos but make sure you do not stuff the entire page with it, try to keep a balance.

3. Or it may be your promotion strategy

Gone are the days when people used to type the name of a specific blog on Google and then search for it. Viewers these days want quick access, and that becomes possible when via social networking sites.

Another reason why you are not getting enough traffic on your blog is that you are not promoting your blog on the right platforms. Most the traffic on a blog or a website usually comes from these social platforms. People nowadays not only read an article they share it on Facebook or Tweet about in on Twitter. You should make the best use of these sites and promote your content everywhere.

Add scrolling social buttons on your blog so that views can easily share your work. Use your personal accounts and profile to promote your blog and post things multiple times to attract the viewers. You can also collaborate with other bloggers and exchange your promotional content with them too.

Also, don’t forget to optimize your blog for Google (SEO)

If you are making the above-mentioned mistakes, then it is time to stop and reevaluate everything. Try avoiding these mistakes and hopefully, you will get the traffic on your blog in no time.


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