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Forex trading is an old form of trading which has fit into the current market due to advancement of financial technology.

Online forex trading makes it possible for you to use your money when you visit a foreign country or when you are in need of another currency. With online forex trading, you don’t need to visit a bank, what you need is a computer or a smartphone, and you are ready to go.

Several companies have ventured into this business and FxTrade777 is one of them, customers need to visit FxTrade777.com to register before trading with them.

FxTrade 777 Accounts

There are several accounts that a trader can choose from, and they include VIP, Platinum, Gold, Micro, Standard, and Mini. One can choose the account that he or she feels comfortable with, each account is designed to meets the needs of a particular group of people.

Trading Platform

A trading platform is what determines the experience of a trader when trading with a given trading company. This company uses MetaTrader 4 available in three categories which are the MT4 desktop, MT4 Mobile suitable for smartphone users, and MT4 Web. You can monitor the trade and market trends from anywhere in the world using MetaTrader 4; you just need to be connected to the internet. MT4 makes trading convenient, easy and safe for all traders.

Types of Trading Available

FxTrade777 trades with currencies from countries like Canada, USA, Australia, and Japan among others. The trading services that they offer include Bond, Indices, Forex, and Contract for Differences. They also deal with commodities like natural gas, crude oil, corns, and wheat. Also in their trading circles are precious metals like silver, platinum, palladium, and gold.


FxTrade 777 offer lots of services to familiarize their customers with online forex trading. Below are the services.

Trading Academy

The academy’s aim is to make a trader understand the processes of online trading before they start trading. The training can be done on one-on-one, through E-book which is available upon request or through video tutorials with an expert.

Customer Support

Customers get support 24/7; customers can get in touch with the representatives through live chat, phone call, or emails. Customer support services are available in more than six languages.

Deposits and Withdrawals

With a variety of payment methods in this company, your deposit and withdrawal are quick and easy. You can deposit or withdraw using a variety of wire transfer, e-wallet, and major credit cards. You will get access to your money in a maximum of three business days after withdrawing. The VIP Express users can withdraw money to their bank’s accounts or credit cards directly in just two business days.

FxTrade 777 works with top banks to ensure the security and safety of customer’s money and personal information. Their activities are meticulously firewalled and their funds transferred to specific Barclay’s Bank accounts. These security measures are to ensure that your personal information doesn’t get to unauthorized persons.


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