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Introducing SEO Lists Pack – Nov 2018…

Let’s face it: SEO can be a real pain in the neck if you don’t have the right tools and resources, at your disposal.

Some of you will have larger marketing budgets than others. Because of it, you can hire SEO companies to take care of your link building campaigns. But can you be sure they are doing the right thing and this is the best cost-effective method?

SEO Future is to do optimization mostly on your own, without leaving obvious footprints to Google or your competitors. Nowadays is very easy to use a backlink monitoring program that analyzes backlinks profile of a website. Competitors may easily use such software to check your profile and report you or your site.

To be safe and still rank you need to create quality backlinks using custom URL lists.

That’s where ScrapeBrokers jumps into scheme: We release, every month, brand new fresh scraped SEO packages with SEO Lists like Web 2.0 blogs, bookmarking sites, auto approve blog lists, GSA Search Engine Ranker lists.

Save yourself the time and frustration to find out good places to blast your backlinks and start climbing to the top of Google

June Pack 2014

ScrapeBrokers presents the newest high authority all in one link building package for use with your favorite SEO tools. Our lists are compatible with ScrapeBox, GSA Search Engine Ranker, SenukeXCR, Xrumer, ArticleKevo, MoneyRobot, Magic Submitter, Ultimate Demon, SeRobot etc.

Each list contained in this package is tested multiple times before release. The lists are run through blog analyzer and live check at least three times each, removing 404′d links, unknown platforms and timed out links.

By following these strict quality control guidelines, it ensures you are receiving the highest quality and longest lasting lists.

Exactly what’s in the package

If you did not purchase a package from us before, I’m sure you’ll like to know what will find inside. Check the slider below to find what lists we put in the package and the stats.

All the lists are unique from previous packages we sold. Lists, tutorials, tools, and goodies are available instantly for download after purchase.

SEO Premium Lists

Our SEO Lists pack is 100% compatible with the best seo tools used by SEO marketers today: GSA Search Engine Ranker, SenukeXCR, Magic Submitter, Turbo Ranker, Scrapebox and many more.


Check a full platforms rundown of all 250+ platforms we scrape.

  • 5273 Article Directories separated by type (WordPress, Drupal, BuddyPress, XpressEngine, Article Script etc)
  • 200 Bookmarking sites split by type (Pligg, PHPDug, Scutle, Scuttle Plus etc)
  • 14146 Social Blogs sites split by type (PHPIzabi, Jcow, Oxwall,Dolphin, Elgg, PHPFox, BuddyPress, Drupal etc)
  • 931 Directories sites split by type (PHPLD, Aarvdark etc)
  • 250 Press Release and News Posting sites
  • 572 Wiki sites split by type (WikiMedia, DocuWiki, WikkaWiki etc)
  • 4172 Forum PRofiles sites (PHPNuke, VanillaForums, PHPBB, Xoops etc)
  • 144349 Blog Comment urls (General blogs, blogspot, shownews etc)
  • ++ many more. There are 30 different website platforms

Auto-Approve Lists

Public, free auto approve lists and cheap fiverr blasts only hurt your website rankings ?! Our auto approve packs are freshly harvested from Google and this means Low OBL.

Also included you will find thousands of Do-Follow and .EDU/.GOV links ready to send your website to the top of Google. Each auto approve list is designed specifically for use with GSA Search Engine Ranker, Scrapebox fast poster and comes with detailed instructions on how to maximize the potential of your purchase.

  • 99234 (99K) FRESH Unique Auto-Approve URLs
  • 6459 Unique Auto-Approve Domains
  • 1245 High PR (1-7) Auto Approve urls on 966 domains
  • 1067 Unique Auto-Approve DoFollow URL’s on 122 domains
  • 4448 DoFollow and High PR urls perfectly to increase your Page Rank
  • 431 .EDU Unique Auto Approve url on 65 edu domains
    32734 Unadvertised Bonus Auto approve list

Auto Approve – Trackbacks

Trackbacks are a great new way to get your backlink on many sites that are not open to regular blog comments. These blogs have many pages with extremely low OBL and high pagerank. These lists are all compatible with Scrapebox Trackbacks poster and other trackbacks sending software like GSA Search Engine Ranker.

127471 Auto Approve Trackback URL’s on 4435 Unique Domains
3970 High Pr Auto Approve Trackbacks
595 Edu Auto Approve Trackback URL’s

GSA SER and SEO Guides

SEO is an evolving game. Most of the SEO strategies that returned great results in 2012 or 2013 are not working in 2014. We have over 10 quality SEO book and blueprints that are proven to work and you can easily follow.

You can get a better understanding of how to configure GSA Search Engine Ranker, ScrapeBox, and SenukeXCR for maximum success.

  • GSA Search Engine Ranker Masterminds Blueprint – This book is written by us and is a complete guide on how to rank websites using GSA Search Engine Ranker. In a 45 pages journey, you will earn all the tips and tricks to configure GSA SER correctly, to add your website campaigns and to create backlinks on autopilot 24/7/365.
  • SenukeXCR Blueprint – There are two manuals that describe every step in using SenukeXCR for ranking your websites. Everything from installing Senuke, launching your first campaign and manage your templates and link pyramids are explained in this books.
  • ScrapeBox Secrets – Scrapebox is a very complex tool. It was launched in 2009 or so and have been updated ever since making it now a really powerful tools box with almost anything a backlinks creator or webmaster needs. Learn from our guides how to use it to its max capabilities.
  • Official Guide for SEO Sites – Learn the best settings and have a rocking signup and submit rate.

There is very interesting information there included 2 great step by step strategies on how you can get in first results top in Google for your keywords using auto approve backlinks blastings.

It will teach you exactly how to master GSA Search Engine Ranker and other SEO tools so you can compete against some of the best search engine optimization specialists in the game today.

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DoFollow High PR List

These High PR blog pages will improve SERP and Keep Your ranking top in Google. All blog pages are from different domains and all Pages are auto approved. So you will get a high pr dofollow PR1 PR 7 backlink instantly. All Pages are already Indexed Well in Search Engines and have lOW Out Bound links rate. 436+ DoFollow High PR Low OBL Pack (hot) Also there are over 20 High PR links package known as Angela Backlinks.
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SEO Tools

This little SEO tools are created to do those little daily tasks you need done and takes a lot of work to be done manually. You are free to use them as you wish as are free for use to all ScrapeBrokers customers:

  • SB Link Checker – Use this link checker software to find out how many of your backlinks are found after a backlnks blast. You don’t need any paid tool for this link checker to work.
  • SB DoFollow Test – Find out how many of your backlinks are dofollow. Simple add your backlinks list and then enter your website. You see in real time which backlinks are dofollow and which are not.
  • TBR Platform Scanner – Just add a list of URLs and this tool will show you what engine is used on each url and if you can use any seo tool to create backlinks on it. Footprints is easily editable by you so you can extend it.
  • Ultimate Comment Scrapper – To increase your backlinks sticking and approval rate you need niche related content and comments. With UCS you can scrape related comments from Youtube, Yahoo, Twitter, Answers all related to your keywords.
  • GSA Footprints Extractor – Get all the footprints used by GSA SER to find new targets (sites) to post on. You can use GScrapper or Scrapebox to scrape huge lists with these footprints.

There are other several tools I’ve not listed here but you will find them in the package after purchase. Also if you have in mine some ideas and you need a boot created send us an email and we may do it for free if we get several free hours.

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Customer Support

Dennis is online like 10-14 hours each day and most of the time he spends to research methods and SEO strategies. Also another big chunk of my time online is for adding new content and resources to this website. If you have any questions regarding SEO or about your membership simply contact us using the folloing methods:

Instant chat clients: Skype: scrapebrokers , YM:scrapebrokers
Support Helpdesk – Send us a ticket now
Email us: contact{at}

We are selling seo lists for almost thre years now and the experience we have aquired so far is helping us a lot to teach other members. Over 800 different individuals purchased our products so far.

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Now that you saw what exactly you will receive is time to see why our product is way better than everything you will find on the market. We are creating quality SEO lists for over 3 years and have seen a lot of sites that came and then closed the shop. We helped over 800 customers to rank in Google and we are here to stay.

Why our packages are better

I have to confess I really like to stay ahead of the competition so that’s why I purchase most of the lists, video courses and the e-books I can find online every month related to SEO and SEO tools in particular just to see what others are selling and how I can improve my product. Read bellow what I’ve discovered checking my competition and why my package is better:

  • 100% compatible with most SEO Tools – I’ve personally tested the package with Article Kevo, GSA SER, SenukeXCR, Money Robot and Ultimate Demon and saved only the websites that are working wth this tools. While other sellers are offering 5000 + links only a fraction of them work with this SEO tools. Why to loose precious time and money on chaptcahs testing and removing the garbage ?! I did that for you
  • Sites are split by type and engine used – Each site type and engine have is own list so you can use the lists with other programs like SenukeX, GSA Ser, Magic Submitter and others
  • 100% malware and porn free websites – All links have been tested against malware and viruses. Also we filter the sites containing common porn keywords to make sure the sites that pass are not virused or penalized by G.
  • Limited number of copies – In order to prevent spam or abuse of my lists I sell limited copies. Also I track down leachers and shut down their shares making sure the lists are used only by customers and not by porn/pills spammers that abuse other lists.
  • Presale and post sale support – All my customers can contact me anytime with their questions and I answer right away (This is not difficult for me as I stay around 10-12 hours online each day)
  • For over 3 years in business –  There are over 30 individuals packages we released since our first year in business, 2011, and we inovated and tweaked our products since then to match Google policy changes and SEO rules.


Sit back and watch as you take down your competition with ease and start earning big from your #1 Google spot.


  • Bonus #1 – Fresh SenukeXCR Lists and Templates
  • Bonus #2 – Additional Lists
  • Bonus #3 – Huge 20% discounts on our future products

Real Testimonials from our customers


[quote]My Name is Pete Kici, I recently signed on with ScrapeBrokers.
These guys really know customer service I made a incorrect choice in a purchase they not only refunded my money they also took the time to make sure I got the order correct and refunded the incorrect purchase.No questions asked. [highlight]Not only do they have the best arsenal of SEO tools but they also have amazing customer service[/highlight].These guys over deliver for pennies a day really amazing how they do this.[highlight].This is a one stop shop for SEO and building your online business[/highlight].
Highly recommend I am a fan and a customer.

[quote]First let me say, I got your April package – KUDOS![highlight] I read your GSA-SER PDF much great advice – I thought you would be a good resource for a problem I have[/highlight] – I just started using SER and set up and started running my first 10 or so project[/quote]

[quote]Hey Scrapebrokers team. Your lists for seo and auto approve lists help me to achieve great rankings.[highlight] Before using your lists I was paying thousands monthly to several seo providers[/highlight] that offered me nothing but problems. Now I do SEO myself and I take care to be done the way google loves it. I really appreciate all your help and tools – Anonnymus, by email[/quote]

[quote][highlight]Scrapebrokers is no doubt the best place on the net to buy lists[/highlight] and other stuff for scrapebox. I was pleased with their dofollow autoapprove list and following their recommendations on scrapebox setting I got a great success rate and my links on pr5 and pr6 domains!!! Great job ! Marvellous auto appprove lists! Best wishes and regards – Dmytro, by email[/quote]

[quote]Thank you ScrapeBrokers for all the tutorials and resources you offer. I’ve started to learn Senuke from your site one month ago and now my website is ranking 2 and 3 for my main 2 keywords. Now I started building second tier backlins to strengh my network of satellite sites. I will be your subscriber forever. Period – Alina32 @ BHW Forum[/quote]

[quote][highlight]If I could summarize this service I would say AMAZING!![/highlight] I have never and I mean EVER came across such a service before. You get thousands of new auto-approve lists up in their member’s section and that for a whole 30-days. If you do the math it is really a steal compared to buying individual blog lists out there. The support is great too, I contacted the owner on there for some answers before I actually got the review copy they’re reply is always fast and professional. The 307k list alone is worth more than 39.95$ and i’m not kidding, just look around for other sellers. I would rate this service 4.5/5 if there is a rating system! Definitely worth every penny spent – ScrapeBrokers Happy Customer[/quote]

Check more testimonials from our members on Testimonials page

ScrapeBrokers SEO Lists Pack June 2014

List released: June 10 2014 Few copies available. Hurry up !!!
There is no reason for not ordering today and get up to PR 8 backlinks pointing to your websites.

No waiting.Instant Download after purchase. When the package is sold out we will send to all customers an update list with fresh lists.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Of course these are unique urls from all the latest SEO lists we sold. This sale is open on numerous marketing forums and the orders are instantly processed. Don’t get left out. while the counter hit 50 sales we close the sale in order to protect the list of being overused.Each list is built to provide you the best in Google Ranking busting quality.

Don’t hesitate to pick up this package. It could mean the difference between success and failure online. It really is that powerful.

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