The wave of digitization and the advancement in the technology has opened vast opportunities for the businesses. One of the biggest and amazing opportunities that these latest advancements have enabled the businesses with is the world of social media.

The advanced technologies in the world of digitization have made the world compact and have helped to bring it closer to one another.

No matter if your business is established, small or just a startup, it has become the basic need to be active on the social media.

The world of social media has helped businesses to find and reach their targeted audience, to improve their search of leads and in many more ways.

Seeing the importance and benefits of the social media platforms, many businesses, even the startups, are directing their focus in being active socially.

But, in the prevailing competition, just being active on the social media does not fulfill any need. You have to be excellent in your approach of SEO to make your distinguished presence amongst the competition.

In order to make an excellent presence, your business must be able to use the various social media tools effectively. Here, we are presenting you the ultimate guide to the social media tools which will help you to improve your terms with SEO and thus, to deliver a productive performance.

Social Media Tools

Just like the ways to engage users over the social media is changing with time, in the same way, the various social media tools keep changing over the time.

Social media tools include tools for management, analytics, social images, etc. Thus, it is very important to be aware of all the trending and needed social media tools.

Therefore, let us explore the best social media tools that can help the business to use their SEO techniques in the best manner to get the most effective results.

Here is the list of the social media tools:

1. Buffer

Buffer is listed as one of the popular tools for social media management. This tool helps the users to get an accurate insight of all their social media marketing efforts.

The tool helps the marketer to get all the necessary information of the actions on their page along with analysis options of the various post made. The friendly and clean user-interface of the tool makes it one of the most preferred tools for social media management.

2. HootSuite

If you have a business running on a large scale and you want to effectively manage all its operations online, then you will definitely love the HootSuite tool. This tool helps the marketer to keep a track of all the user or companies that visited their page or site.

In case you are occupied with some other important work, this tool is also very effective in managing and scheduling the post. The tool again falls in social media management category.

3. Post Planner

This is the tool that will help your business to post all the latest contents. This tool helps the social marketers to find the most suitable and as per your audience’s expectations.

This tool helps you to plan your post before you actually make it. it helps the marketer to analyze the response on the previous post and then provides suggestions for the future posts for getting better engagement.

4. CoSchedule

This tool is your one stop solution for planning, managing, executing and analyzing all the posts made on all the various social platforms. It tool provides the full-fledged marketing calendar to keep a track for all the posts on all the various social platforms.

You can plan, schedule, promote, execute and manage all the activities of your social media strategy with this single tool.

5. Sprout Social

This is a social media tool that is the best fit for all size of business and agencies. The calendar offered in this tool helps the marketers to plan all the posting activities as per your schedule.

Along with this, it eliminates the need for the businesses to maintain individual message inbox for their individual accounts. They now can easily manage all messages under one smart inbox. It also helps the marketer to find the most accurate engagement way or policy for their posts.

6. Canva

There is no doubt in the fact that posting your story with an attractive image will result in more number of people responding to it. Thus, it is important to make an image that can speak louder than thousands of words.

Canva –an image generation tool can help you do this. Canva is the right tool with which you can perform multiple operations and therefore can generate the desired image for your posts. You can also crop the images and can add many amazing edits to the images.

7. MeetEdgar

To keep people engaged with your content on the social platforms, it is important that you provide them with a unique and captivating content that is capable to catch the user’s attention. One of the most preferred ways of doing so is to deliver them with some incredible content.

Edgar is the tool that can help the marketer to find some great stuff to manage the continuous flow of information and content.

8. BundlePost

BundlePost is yet another amazing social media tool that helps the marketer to properly plan the posting of the various posts across multiple social platforms.

One of the biggest highlight that this social media tool offers to the marketer is that it replaces the common keywords of the niche with the trending hashtags which results in improving the engagement ratio of the posts.

9. Social Clout

This tool helps the marketer to know the areas where improvements can be made. It helps the marketers to find out the areas which have a scope of improvement by carefully examining and analyzing the present scenario of the posting schedule.

It provides all the trending and latest keywords, hashtags, campaign ideas that can be applied to all the social posting activities to improve the user’s engagement. Along with the suggested ideas for improvements, the tool also provides marketers with a report containing all the necessary details of the applied actions.

10. Inkybee

This tool helps the marketer to find and approach the right influencers for their business so that their posts can get the much-needed boost and recognition from the audience.

This tool gives an opportunity for the marketers to connect with the potential customers from their specific industry. This will enhance your brand value in the market.


The social media tools not only help the business to improve their performance over their competitors but also help them to explore the different ways and methods for experimenting and improving their own working style.

The various social media tools have helped many businesses to modify their presence on the social platforms by highlighting many new business opportunities.

Every social media tool has its own unique characteristics that help the business to develop its working methods for maintaining its success rate. The businesses must select the right tool for themselves according to their need and requirements.

To find the right social media tool that satisfies all the needed requirements of the business, the business must carefully examine and analyze their working style and the needed improvements.

Here is a list of 15 Twitter automation tools you should use for your twitter Marketing success. Most of them are free or have a generous trial offer so you can fully test them.

These social tools are a must have for all the businesses in the present time so that they may remain ahead of the competition.

The world is using them, are you?

However, you should keep in mind that besides the right social media tools you should also have solid social media marketing knowledge. Check this Facebook page marketing guide and the Twitter Marketing guide.

P.S. Are you using any other social media tools you think we should add the the list? Let us know in the comments below or by contacting us.

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