Nowadays, Internet is the new black – it goes with everything, it’s multi-functional and it helps you stun people with what you’ve got to offer. Despite being initially designed for finding friends from school you haven’t heard from in a long time, Facebook has quickly grown to be an advertising engine with a high success rate.

If you want to advertise your product on Facebook, be mindful of the fact that Facebook differs from other media and gives you a unique set of opportunities.

Here are some tips on proper advertisement of your product on Facebook:

 1. Have an idea, a strategy, and a goal

Depending on your chain of business, you need to know what message you want to get across. If, say, you own a restaurant and you want to increase the number of visitors by Facebook by 20% in the next 8 month, your strategy could include:

a) Posting a daily photo of ‘Today’s special’ and giving out coupons with 10% discount for that meal. Coupons would be given as a gift to every 10th person that shares your ‘Today’s special’ post

b) Encouraging visitors to check in whenever they are at your restaurant and/or post a photo on Facebook of them having a wonderful time

c) Giving out discounts for special occasions/holidays – whoever books a table over Facebook, gets 7% discount for any meal they order, and 5% discount for drinks and deserts

2. Be personal

Facebook is a social media which implies that people like to interact with other people. Don’t be a cold, detached entrepreneur. Talk to your visitors, ask them what sorts of food they would enjoy ordering and ask for feedback. This way, they will feel as a respected part of your restaurant and enjoy the positive and relaxed vibe.

3. No ‘hard sell’

Be aware that Facebook has a light ring to it, so your overly professional attitude doesn’t really fly on there. It is understandable that not everybody is a part of entertainment industry and that you need to be professional about what you do, but tone it down a little; i.e. if you want to advertise your Foreign Language Teaching Studio, make sure you add some color to the advertising.

Make posters in colors of spring, winter, fall and summer depending on the time of the year. Try and make a slogan that will draw attention. Post ‘A quote of the day’ every day, translated into languages you offer in your FLTS. Create a dash board where students can interact with each other and professors. Ask them to give their feedback about classes they are attending.

4 Videos and pictures

Whichever business you are in, make sure you document your working atmosphere on pictures and videos. As Facebook’s major element is visual and audio exchange, this gives you an opportunity to advertise your business through some light and interesting moments captured on videos or photos. For example:

a) A chef could post a photo of what’s happening in the kitchen, capturing his creative process when he is preparing his ‘daily special’

b) An interior decorator could post day-by-day or week-by-week before-and-after photos of homes he/she’s worked on

c) A photographer could post teaser photos from the set that advertise his/her work on the latest project

5 Nurture your relationships

Building good relationships always takes time, in both real life and on the network. Be patient and honest in your interaction with customers, encourage their posts, questions and suggestions and always give a quick and sincere answer.

Another way to bond with your customers is through surveys which are not only a good way to get the feedback on the service you provide but also a way to have your customers understand their opinion matters.

6 Get some help

Given you want to expend your business through Facebook communication and advertising, there is a possibility you won’t have enough time to manage both a business and work on Facebook interaction.

If your budget allows it, hire somebody that would be in charge of Internet communication so that you don’t fall behind on updating your page or keeping in touch with your customers. If you’re looking for a place to learn how to promote your business using Facebook check Katrina’s blog.

Since you’ve already got that Facebook page, don’t limit your contacts to just Facebook users.

Provide a link to your Facebook page on your LinkedIn profile, Twitter, in your email signature, on your business cards and any other marketing method you use and have your business flourish!


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