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by Pete Kici


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[quote]If I could summarize this service I would say AMAZING!! I have never and I mean EVER came across such a service before. You get thousands of new auto-approve lists up in their member’s section and that for a whole 30-days. If you do the math it is really a steal compared to buying individual blog lists out there. The support is great too, I contacted the owner on there for some answers before I actually got the review copy they’re reply is always fast and professional. The 307k list alone is worth more than 39.95$ and i’m not kidding, just look around for other sellers[highlight]. I would rate this service 4.5/5 if there is a rating system! Definitely worth every penny spent[/highlight][/quote][divider]

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Keep up the good work and btw your edu list is great.

by James B


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