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If you are a regular scrapebox user you know that the success of your harvesting links and posting comments depends a lot of scrapebox connection settings.  When you set them to HIGH you get a lot of failed posts but the job is done fast while you set them to LOW you get better results but the job it takes forever to complete.

The Typical ScrapeBox Connection Settings for auto approve list you should use:

Fast Poster:  less then 50 connections (20 or less is ideal) 90 sec Timeouts
Link Checker: less then 50 connections 90 sec Timeouts

scrapebox connection settings


I use this scrapeBox connection settings with my 100 mbits DEDICATED Server:

Link checker 100 – 90 sec timeout
Fast Poster – 200 – 50 sec timeout
Proxy Harvester – 100 – 15 sec timeout
Url Harvester – 75 per engine, I only ran 1 engine per scrapebox instance.

scrapebox connection settings

To get to the scrapebox connection settings , Timeouts, and Randomize go to the top menus in sbox:

Settings -> Adjust Maximum Connections
Settings -> Adjust Timeout Settings
Settings -> Randomize Comment Post Blogs List


Absolutely make sure you choose to “Randomize comment poster blogs list” under settings.Not choosing to Randomize your comment poster blogs list will cause you to post to all the urls from the same domain all at once, or in rapid succession.  This can seem like a DDOS attack to the web server of the domain.  At which point it will shut you down and your comments will won’t work.

Proxies are very important for a good posting success rate so you should either be using 10 or more private proxies or be using 10 or more public proxies that have a low latency and pass the IP test in scrapebox.  Private proxies will have a significantly higher success rate.  Proxies are important because if a proxy doesn’t work when Scrapebox attempts to post to a blog, it will show that as a failed attempt, when it might have been a success had a quality proxy been used.  I recommend you use private proxies for best results.

If you haven’t purchased yet ScrapeBox or you don’t have the time to find the best settings or harvest links we have something for you. check our backlinks blast packages. For only $34 you will receive 15000 backlinks to your website boosting your Search engine rankings. The scrapebox connection settings are very important to obtain great results so read the blog post once again and make sure you really understand it


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