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Do you know what SEO is and why it is so important to have an SEO strategy for your business? SEO is search engine optimization. It actually means reaching the top positions on the first page of any search engine.

When people look for some services, they find the website with good SEO immediately but the websites that have poor SEO or have no optimization at all are placed somewhere at the end of the search, so no one ever finds such website. That’s why every person who has a website or a blog should work on search engine optimization.

The matter is that people never go further than the second page of the search. Mostly, they check only the first page. So you should do everything possible to get to the top of the list. But how can you do that? You need to choose a proper SEO strategy. Even if you have never worked with this aspect of online promotion, you will be able to do it after reading our guide. So, let’s move to the most effective ways of introducing search engine optimization to your website.

Brief overview of SEO history

For the past few years, SEO has changed significantly. Everything started with a plenty of keywords added randomly to a text. Mostly, the readability of SEO websites was so poor that it was impossible to define the idea of the text. The keywords were introduced to the text just like people enter them into the search engine.

For example, you could find texts with such keywords as ‘buy shoes red New York Brooklyn’ or ‘sell property cheap recommendations reviews testimonials’. As you can imagine or as you maybe even remember, these texts were everywhere and no one could understand them. SEO managers just included all possible words and word combinations that might have been used to find this page on the search engine.

Modern SEO

Today, SEO is absolutely different. You do not need to write useless texts and fill them with unnatural keywords. Google and other search engines appreciate other aspects and consider them while moving your website to a higher ranking. So, here are some points that you need to use as a tactic for your online promotion.

1. Long posts of high quality

The length of your posts has really huge importance for search engines. According to the latest research, the best posts should contain 2,000 words, otherwise, the search engines put the page lower. Of course, shorter posts also have good ratings but if your aim is to take the top positions, you should always remember about the length.

Another point to consider is the quality of your content. This is equally important for search engines and for your users. If your texts have a huge number of mistakes, the search engine will notice that and will put them lower in the search. And your visitors will just leave your website if they do not find what they have been looking for.

2. Readers is our audience

Several years ago, SEO existed for search engines only. Today, SEO is more people oriented. It means that when writing a text, you should keep in mind your audience first and only then think about your rating. So, write in a simple and common language and forget about the excessive use of keywords.

Also, remember that today the approach to using keywords is different. You do not need to use them directly as they are typed by users, you can change them so that it will be pleasant to read your texts. Moreover, the percentage of the keywords should not exceed 5% as you will also lose the points in your ranking.

3. Add keywords to meta tags

Your text is not the only place where the keywords must appear. Add them to all meta tags of the website or the page: the title, the description, and even the URL. Also, make sure that you add keywords to the alternative description of the text and to the headings of your article. It will simplify the process of search for the users and for search engines and again, you will get better positions on the search page.

4. Choose relevant keywords

First and foremost, you need to remember that every single keyword that you choose should be relevant to your website and your article. Do not insert the keywords only because you think that they will help make your position better. In fact, you will just lose your points.

Relevant keywords will help you increase traffic and attract the visitors that are really interested in the services, goods, or information that you provide. Thus, you get prospects, not just some visitors that will never return to your website.

5. Insert links

Backlinks are a perfect way to improve your website ranking. The matter is that every single link that you insert into your text proves that the material is real and it encourages readers for action. You can insert links to the pages of your website and in this way, you will be able to keep your visitors on your site for a longer time. You can also insert links to other websites as this is great for SEO.

We also recommend you to start looking for the websites and blogs for cooperation and exchanging of the links. The thing is that for SEO, it is also important that other sites have links to your website. In this way, your site receives a better reputation so you can rank higher and enjoy better traffic.

Future reading:

So, are you ready to test our SEO tactics? We bet that you will try at least something from this list to see how it affects your website ranking. Still, we recommend that you use all of these tips, as they are of the equal importance for any website. If you intend to get to the top, do not forget about search engine optimization and enjoy the benefits it brings you. Good luck!


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