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Working for the betterment of your website is an ongoing process that includes dozens of checkpoints and diverse knowledge.

This proves, once again, that making and supporting a vivacious and prosperous site can be a troublesome mission for newbies and sometimes for experienced masters as well.

The target audience for this post is small to large scale business owners that haven’t assessed their specialized SEO for some time, or are doing it for the first time. If just one of these 10 technical SEO problems below is harming your site, I think you’d consider this a valuable read.

This is not a complete technical SEO audit checklist, but a summary of some of the most common and damaging technical SEO problems that you can fix now.

I have highlighted these based on my own experience, analyzing dozens of client and websites.

Let’s Begin With The Major SEO Errors That Can Damage Your Website:

Optimize Right Keywords

Keyword optimization simply refers to the researching analyzing and targeting the potential keywords to drive in qualified traffic from search engines to the website.

Keyword search optimization is one of the major steps in the process of search engine optimization, both for paid and organic search.

If you make a mistake in selecting target keywords, all your efforts will be worthless. So it is important to get keyword optimization right.

Continuous keyword optimization is necessary to keep on searching new keywords and to expand your reach into various keyword verticals.

By continuously performing keyword analysis and expanding your database of keywords, your site traffic, leads and ROI will grow continuously.

Create Unique Meta Tags

Once you have your targeting keywords, start working on the. And, the first step is to optimize those keywords in the Meta Tags (Meta Title and Meta Description). You should write Meta Tags or you’ll miss being shown correctly on search engines.

Meta Tags are crucial and should be written correctly- the possibility of ranking at the top of major search engines increases which improves the online visibility of your business. So little can do so much. So why not try to do something if it’s for your own good.

Remember, these tags include Meta Keywords, Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions. It is hard for the search engines to choose what page to show from your website if you are using the same keyword or title for all the pages.

And another thing you should remember is that Google values uniqueness.

Updating Quality Content

What Is Quality Content?

Simply, quality content is something really fresh and unique- full of good quality images, Infographics, Videos, PPT’s and facts and figures.

One of the most effective ways to create good quality content on your site is hiring an article writer. The content should be well optimized, keywords must be in proper ratio- 100 words (3 times the use of exact keyword).

Only your audience can tell whether or not the content is unique and valuable, and if it is, you’ll gain the trust of your reader.

If you are planning to outsource your content writing work, hire writers who can produce original articles to publish on your site. You’ll probably have to pay them a lot more, but if it results in more conversions, it’ll be a far better investment.

Internal Linking

Internal linking help readers and Google to find out in depth pages of your website. But, a lot of websites I come across don’t do this, which is not right.

Either they think it’s a complete waste of time, or they don’t understand the power of internal linking. It does not only help search engines to find more of your pages, but it can also help your users find your website’s internal pages.

You can use anchor text to point to another page of your website or you can use links like “read more” or “click here”- call to action for more information. The Pages you want to rank higher should have more internal links than others. Generally, you want to have about 4-7 internal links per page.

Focus On Quality Links Instead Of Quantity

Quality over quantity always wins the game!

Quality backlinks vs. increasing the quantity of backlinks pointed to the site- if you are feeling the pressure of increasing your online presence as quickly as possible you might be debating on this.

It is easy to achieve both at the same time. Yes it is! But, the smartness is to realize the difference between the both.

Only an organic SEO service provider can help you understand the difference between quantity and quality of links and what works better.

Building quality links takes time, whereas, increasing quantity links can be done quickly.

But, I recommend concentrating on significant, high quality link building that actually brings users to your website and encourages them to engage and interact on your website is a much better strategy.

Soft 404 Errors

This happens more often than you’d expect.

A soft 404 is a page that looks like a 404 error but returns a HTTP status code 200. In this instance, the user sees some text like “Sorry the page you requested cannot be found” or “Page Not Found”. 

Whereas, a code 200 is telling web crawlers that the page is working accurately. This error can cause problems with pages being crawled and indexed when you do not want them to be.

A soft 404 also means you cannot spot real broken pages and identify areas of your website where users are receiving a bad experience. From a link building perspective , neither solution is a good option. You may have incoming links to broken URLs, but the links will be hard to track down and redirect to the correct page.

XML Sitemaps

If your site is new, or if you have a significant number of new pages, then using a sitemap can be vital to your success.

Using sitemaps has many benefits, not only easier navigation and better visibility by search engines. Sitemaps offer the opportunity to inform search engines immediately about any changes on your site.

You cannot expect that search engines to right away index your pages, but the possibility is much higher that the changes will be indexed soon, compared to when you don’t have a sitemap. Sitemaps can even help with messy internal links – for instance if you by have any broken internal link that cannot be reached in other way.

Additionally, when you have a sitemap and submit it to Google, Bing or Yandex, you depend less on outer connections that will convey web indexes to your website.

There are numerous different advantages that website admins who have installed XML sitemaps enjoy. On the off chance that you are as yet contemplating it, consider utilizing a sitemap generator and appreciate the web nearness.

Website Speed

A website should load in less than 4-5 seconds and should be available 24/7 . Anything that does not comply with the above rules, it’s considered as a bad SEO practice.
A good hosting provider is very important for having 24/7 availability and a modern software (like WordPress) can help you build websites that load according to the Google’s expectation.

According to Google, 53 percent of people will abandon a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Google needs the web to be working at the speed of light, and, in the event that you can’t convey that, at that point you could be rebuffed for it. They have already shown that site speed is one of the factors in their algorithm.

Mobile Friendliness

A website that is not mobile-friendly lead to traffic loss or to a high bounce rate. People don’t waste time on zooming in and out. Google took action regarding sites having a mobile version through the Mobilegeddon algorithm update.

Therefore, mobile friendly is now a must if you want your website to rank higher on search engines.

Users on the desktop and mobile versions of your site should be able to access the same content. You need to remedy any instance in which mobile users receive a 404 error while trying to access a page that desktop users can see.

Register Your Site To Google Search Console

It’s a big mistake if you haven’t registered your site with Google Search Console as you won’t be able to receive crucial information about your site. Google and Bing have created these types of tools for webmasters to improve their site’s performance and usability.

It doesn’t cost you anything to have an account on these platforms and it is an easy way to receive suggestions. You need to know that Google Search Console and Analytics go hand in hand.

Get your website registered on Google Console and get the suggestions to get on the top of major search engines.

Hopefully this has clarified some of the most crucial technical SEO errors that can harm your website and how to get over them. For those who have no idea about the technical side of SEO, these are some really easy fixes and have a hugely positive impact on your site.


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