SEO is not dead.

It certainly is different than even 10 years ago. However, if you do it correctly, you too can be found when people search. That is especially true as it relates to Google.


  • Quality content
  • Correct optimization
  • Strategic promotions

And you will find people correspondingly giving you their time while paying for more attention to what you are doing in the niche and why it should matter to them.

This, of course, is why people just like you opt into hiring a marketing coach or attending associated training sessions to increase their ability to reach their target audiences.

One of many things these types of activities will do is guide your attention to key marketing tools that you should consider using. Here are 5.

Screaming Frog

Want to get found faster by spiders and bots? Screaming Frog will get the job done.

It is a desktop program which can be installed on any PC, Mac or Linux. It works by crawling websites, blogs, links, images, CSS, scripts and apps. The result is your enhanced understanding of all things related to onsite SEO events.

Screaming Frog

Crazy Egg

This is an entirely different way of understanding how your audience is or is not interacting with your blog and/or website.

Using its associated heat map technology, you will uncover secrets into your customer’s mindset. This involves both what they are paying attention based on their scrolling and why they are leaving.


While there are certainly similarities between MOZ and Screaming Frog, there is also a substantial amount of difference between the two products. With MOZ Webmasters have two choices depending on the type of project that they are managing.


This option is for the more regional or global type of project. It will provide you with trustable date while saving you time by streamlining your activity. Once compiled, MOZ PRO provides added value by deciphering corresponding data leaving you free to address other critical factors of your operations.


If you are a local provider of a product or service that needs the attention of a local audience, then this might be your best option. Here’s how MOZ LOCAL makes the difference.

  1. You enter the details of your location data.
  2. They promote the same to all major data aggregators.
  3. Search engines identify and advise your potential audience on location information.
  4. New and existing customers can find or “refind” you in-order to conduct associated business practices.


Empowers your ability to far exceed typical marketing methods by opening your access to informative analytical data, custom reports and team oriented projects.

The workflow process of SEM Rush begins with a detailed SEO audit, moves into tracking details, and results in delivering targeted ideas for increasing organic traffic.

This in conjunction with their backlink audit, analytics and competitive intelligence can empower you to rise above your toughest opponent when it comes to the search engine wars.

HOT TIP: While there are certainly similarities between all these tools being identified it is recommended to implement the usage of more than one for your project. In that way, you will be able to see critical reports from a variety of perspectives.


Our final stop is with AHRefs. Just because it is last does not mean that it is least.

AHRefs will allow you to track backlinks, keywords and brand mentions. They can do this both for you and your corresponding competitors. By understanding what you are doing and how it measures up against your competitors you are in a power position to outperform and rank their efforts.

The 6 main components of AHREFs that you will be able to tap into because of using their platform are:

  • Site Explorer
  • Positions Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Position Tracker
  • Crawl Report
  • AHRefs Alerts

Closing Thoughts About 2017 SEO Tools to Use

Knowledge is power but only if you implement it in wise meaningful ways. Each of these tools listed above offers great potential for you and your marketing efforts. We also recommend you to try

Which will you take advantage of?

What have you previously experienced?

What did you like or dislike?


Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know what other tools should be on this list.

Guy Siverson

Guy Siverson – Author, Blogger and Online Marketer. He has been a celebrated Online SEO Marketer since the early 90’s. Guy’s greatest joys are his family and friends as well as helping educate and inspire others by coaching and speaking engagements that target other people’s success in their own entrepreneurial careers.