Lately, the SEO Software industry simply exploded bringing a lot of powerful tools like ScrapeBox, XRumer, TweetAdder, Article Marketing Robot, Senuke, you name it.

This is the good news while the bad news is that you need to run more than one tool at once and also to run them for hours or days in order to be effective.

For example to blast your comments to 100000 blogs to get back-links will take around 14 hours on a decent internet speed. So basically after you set up this thing you will have to take the day of as the computer is busy doing the blast.

Most of this tools have the option to schedule activities like harvesting urls, checking seo positions, posting on forums making. This can be used mostly as set and forget tools.

Which is better: Online VPS or desktop?


If you want to do SEO and also you use your computer at other activities without having to wait till every seo campaign is done so you can use the computer at decent speed I want to tell you about Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

According to WikiPedia, Virtual private server (VPS) is a term used by internet hosting services to refer to a virtual machine. The term is used for emphasizing that the virtual machine, although running in software on the same physical computer as other customers’ virtual machines, is functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer, is dedicated to the individual customer’s needs, has the privacy of a separate physical computer.

VPS Advantages

  • You can run the tools 24h/24h without having to worry about keeping your desktop open.
  • You do not have to pay hundreds of dollars or even thousands upfront to buy a super computer for your marketing needs. A decent computer at home and the rent of $50 – $100 monthly for a vPS can do the job.
  • If there are resources you do not use you can simply share accounts on the VPS to other marketers and split costs.
  • High Internet speed is also a great advantage of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) as hosting companies are connected to internet through high speed pipes.
  • You don’t have to buy licenses for each of your staff around the globe.Simply create an account on the VPS for each worker and they will be able to connect in few seconds having the tools handy. Also you can easily monitor their work.
  • Do not keep your main computer or laptop busy. While all your internet marketing software runs on the VPS your main computer can be used to daily activities.
  • If something goes wrong you can simply restore the VPS to the initial state or a previous backup with few clicks of mouse. Using a file sharing service like DropBox will keep your files safe and best of it: is FREE.

What VPS to purchase

I have to tell you that I’ve spent countless hours studying VPS offers and configuration trying to see what is the best offer that fits my needs and budget. If you google about VPS offers you will be amazed by how many companies are out there trying to buy you.

However, after a lot of searches, I’ve started to see patterns in their offers and the fact that prices are basically appropriate. The notable differences are when we talk about things like bandwidth, internet speed, and hardware configuration. After testing over 10 providers I’ve decided to share tree providers that I was happy with.

  1. WooServers That’s what I’m calling great customer support: I send the email and in next couple of minutes a reply is already waiting for me in the inbox. I attach a picture with their Windows VPS offer. If you want to run simultaneous 3 programs as i do: ScrapeBox, Article Marketing Robot and Senuke you need at least VPS3 priced at $89 monthly otherwise the average used should be fine with VPS2 as well. Also you may start low and when you need more resources simply upgrade. You may choose from two locations: The United States and Europe.Choose the one geographically closer to you. Check WooServers VPS Windows Plans
  2. Hostamus : I have only been with Hostamus for two weeks but their support and response time is unreal.I ordered a VPS and it was online within the hour and haven’t had one problem with it. There are 5 base configurations starting with 2.66 Ghz processor and 1Gb Ram at $40 monthly and 10.6 Ghz and 6 Gb RAM at $160. Personally, I recommend the 2.66Ghz and 2 Gb RAM or 5.3 Ghz with 3 GB RAM at $90. Check Hostamus VPS Windows Plans
  3. This guys have good prices unfortunately their website needs a redesign as is quite old. Also there isn’t any livechat option but besides this everything is ok. If you are after low prices give them a try.
  4. : I was using their services for over 3 months and I was happy enough with the VPS. Support was good but the speed as quite slow. Also a lot of people use their servers for internet marketing leaving programs to work 24h/24h so the internet pipe is most of the time full. One thing that I like at this company is that you can easy upgrade your server. 10GB hard disk space more is only $10/month and another 512 MB RAM is $20/month


Now you have all the information you need to make a wise decision in choosing the right VPS for your needs. Here is a short video on how to connect to your VPS and start becoming productive 🙂


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